Term deposits, annuities and cash

With Netwealth's super and investment accounts, your clients can invest in a range of fixed interest options from leading providers.

Term deposits

Available term deposit options

We have selected a great range of term deposit providers and options.

3 months


6 months


1 year


3 years


5 years



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Current cash rate

Cash account information

Cash funds are pooled with cash from other investors and placed on deposit with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522 (ANZ).

As all these funds are invested in the same cash pool, cash funds held within each service receive the same rate of interest based on the daily balance of the client’s Cash Account.

The current indicative* cash rates are:
Netwealth Wrap Service1 0.25%
Netwealth Superannuation Master Fund2  0.25%

The historical indicative* cash rates are:
  02/10/19 03/07/19 05/06/19 20/07/17
Netwealth Wrap Service1 0.25% 0.50% 0.75% 1.00%
Netwealth Superannuation Master Fund2  0.25% 0.50% 0.75% 1.00%


For older indicative cash rate changes please contact Netwealth.


* The funds in your cash account earn monthly interest at a rate set by us. The rate is set at no less than 0.50% p.a. less than the target cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia during the month (which is often referred to as the ‘official cash rate’)

(1) Including Wealth Accelerator, Investment Wrap, Russell Investments Wealth Series, Russell Investments Portfolio Service

(2) Including Super Accelerator, Super Wrap, Russell Investments Super Series



Annuity rates and information

Netwealth has partnered with Challenger to give your clients access to annuities at the same rates as if they went directly to Challenger. As a registered Netwealth adviser you can access Challenger tools, such as calculators, complete online applications and edit annuity policy details in one place.

The following annuities are available for clients with or without them having a Netwealth super or investment account.

Challenger Guaranteed Annuity

Creates a regular cash flow for a client’s desired investment term, regardless of how investment markets perform. It can give clients peace of mind during their retirement.

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Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Liquid Lifetime)

Provides a guaranteed regular income for your clients’ lifetime regardless of how investment markets perform or how long they live.

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Challenger CarePlus

A specialist investment designed to help people moving into residential aged care. It provides guaranteed monthly income for life, with a lump sum payable to nominated beneficiaries or the estate upon death.

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