Special Report: Fintech and the future of financial advice

How to decide whether to buy, build or partner

Should you build your own fintech product, buy one off the shelf, or partner with a technology provider to develop a customised solution? This article will help you to make the right decision for your fintech project.

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Industry leaders discuss how fintech will impact financial advice

The fintech industry has been quickly increasing in size, and the disruption it is causing has gathered momentum. Watch this short video to hear from industry leaders as they share their thoughts on fintech.

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Building your fintech ecosystem

Imagine if your advice practice could provide an ‘ecosystem’ of products and services that complement each other, based on the new capabilities of fintech.  

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Introducing an objective framework for technology decision making

Buy, build, or partner? Which option is best for your advice business' technology solutions? When making business decisions about fintech solutions (or any other technology products) using a framework can help deliver better outcomes. 

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Don’t let prejudices get in the way of good decision making

How do your attitudes and experiences affect the ways that you make decisions about technology? 

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Making your ecosystem your competitive advantage

Learn how to develop an ecosystem innovation strategy leveraging fintech to deliver a better customer experience. 

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The evolution of the fintech boom and how you can be a part of it

As the fintech industry rapidly increases the disruption it is causing has gathered momentum. But while some areas of the financial services world will be more profoundly affected than others by these advancements, there are ways for all finance and wealth businesses to join this revolution.

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