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14 July 2022

Value Awards – Employees who demonstrated Netwealth’s shared values through their work and attitude were presented Value Awards at the Town Hall. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

11 July 2022

Make It. Break It. Sprint – Netwealth partnered with MASS Design and Swinburne University to host a design sprint with Swinburne students and Netwealth staff. This year’s challenge involved challenging students to think about how they would consider educating other Australians on the risk of Cyber Fraud. #Create a positive environment or social impact 

21 June 2022

Banqer at Home – Banqer, our sponsored partner for financial education in Australian primary schools, has developed a School Holiday Program to keep kids entertained and learning about money at home. This was made available to Netwealth employees. #Create a positive environment or social impact

6 June 2022

Novated Lease Program– Netwealth has introduced a vehicle lease program which has been made available to all permanent employees. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

30 May 2022

Wellness Week – Netwealth hosted a health and wellness week for employees which included free health checks, skin checks, fitness assessments and more. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

18 May 2022

Culture Pulse Survey –Netwealth released a survey to capture employee perspectives on flexible working and return to the office. #Create a positive environment or social impact #Transparent and genuine

10 May 2022

Biggest Morning Tea –Netwealth hosted a Biggest Morning Tea in the Melbourne office and raised over $1200 for the Cancer Council. #Create a positive environment or social impact

4 May 2022

Lunch and Learn –Netwealth, in collaboration with Stanford Brown and Milk Chocolate, held a seminar for employees on property investing #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

27 April 2022

Benefits Survey –Netwealth surveyed employees to determine which employee benefits are valuable to them and what benefits may be added in the future. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

19 April 2022

Flu Shots Netwealth offered free flu shots to all staff, either in person at the Melbourne office or at their local chemist. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

6 April 2022

Easter Fete Netwealth hosted an office Easter fete and raffle and raised over $950 for the Netwealth Impact Fund. #Create a positive environment or social impact

23 March 2022

Harmony Week Netwealth celebrated cultural diversity by encouraging staff to bring in a food dish to share and dressing up in traditional colours that represent our many cultures. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

18 March 2022

Virtual School Holiday Program – Netwealth has partnered with KidsCo to help support staff with school aged children during the upcoming holidays with fun filled and engaging events supervised by qualified teachers. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

8 March 2022

International Women’s Day – Netwealth hosted a company morning tea and interactive panel discussion with our Board and Executive Members surrounding the theme #breakthebias. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing #Create a positive environment or social impact

3 March 2022

Town Hall Charity Partners Panel – Netwealth hosted a panel of our charity partners for 2022. Thank you to Alison Hill from People Parks Foundation, Matt Donavan from Food for Change, and Bernard Galbally from Live4Life for providing us with wonderful insight on what their organisations do. #Create a positive environment or social impact

27 February 2022

Melbourne Corporate Triathlon – We competed in the Melbourne Corporate Triathlon with 19 teams and 51 employees, friends and family representing Netwealth. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

15 February 2022

Family Friendly Workplace - We are now a certified Family Friendly Workplace with a work and family action plan to actively achieve an inclusive culture at Netwealth. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

7 February 2022

Graduate Program - Our first Graduate Program has now commenced. We have welcomed two graduates to an 18 month program within Operations and two more graduates to a 12 month program within Information and Technology. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

30 January 2022

Clothing Donation Drive – Collectively Netwealth employees donated nearly 500kgs of clothes to their local charity of choice. An amazing effort by our generous team. #Create a positive environment or social impact

31 December 2021 

Workplace Giving - Employees donated over $650 to our charitable fund via Workplace Giving in December. #Create a positive environment or social impact

20 December 2021

Complaints Process - Our complaints and whistleblowing processes are now available in 13 different languages on our contact us page. #Transparent and genuine

17 December 2021 

Volunteering - During December, 36 Netwealth employees participated in our volunteering project with Food Bank. Across 4 groups we spent 216 hours volunteering and contributed 56,349 meals to thousands of families across Australia. #Create a positive environment or social impact

15 December 2021 

Bake Sale - We held a bake sale in our office and raised over $400 for the Netwealth Impact Fund. #Create a positive environment or social impact

4 December 2021

Volunteering - 11 Netwealth employees undertook 44 hours of volunteer work at the Cancer Council's "Walking Stars" event in the Melbourne CBD. #Create a positive environment or social impact

30 November 2021

ESG Information on Managed Fund Profiles - The managed fund profiles from the compare funds page have been updated to include ESG information, including new "Morningstar Sustainability Rating" and "Low Carbon Designation" graphics. #Enhance our course business #Transparent and genuine

30 November 2021

Banqer - Banqer continue to exceed expectations, and as of 30 November 2021 there were 20,583 active students on the platform across 485 schools. #Create a positive environment or social impact

29 November 2021 

Go Live with Appian - After 9 months of Netwealth collaborating with the team at Appian, we went live with our completely new case workflow system today. This will allow Netwealth to further enhance our services to advisers and clients by opening up workflow transparency on the Netwealth platform with them in the near future. #Enhance our course business #Transparent and genuine

29 November 2021

Clothing Donations - Netwealth employees have donated nearly 300kg of clothing to charity! #Create a positive environment or social impact

24 November 2021

Manager's Day - We held a Manager's Day to welcome back our staff into our new office. This included a Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony conducted by Indigenous Elder Ronald Terrick (Uncle Ringo) of the Wurundjeri Tribe, who are the traditional custodians of the land upon which Netwealth's new office is located. #Create a positive environment or social impact

23 November 2021

Local Cafes & Restaurants - As we head back into the office, we have put together a small list to encourage employees to visit sustainable and/or ethical cafes whilst in the Melbourne CBD #Create a positive environment or social impact

17 November 2021

Banqer- 59 Netwealth employees participated in a 6-week Banqer simulation to gain insights into how the program is run for primary school children #Create a positive environment or social impact

4 November 2021

Modern Slavery Statement - We have published our Modern Slavery Statement for FY2021. #Transparent and genuine

4 November 2021

Banqer - Exceeded expectations, reaching 12,300 students and 308 schools by 30 June 2021. This is more than 25% uplift since last year! #Create a positive environment or social impact

1 November 2021

UNICEF - We have donated a total of $2,316 to the UNICF ‘Give the World a Shot’ Program! #Create a positive environment or social impact

27 October 2021

Corporate Sustainability Committee - We have created a Corporate Sustainability Committee to help oversee our Corporate Sustainability journey. This Committee will hold its first meeting in November 2021  #Transparent and genuine

6 October 2021

Target Market Determinations - All Netwealth products have a Target Market Determination, and advisers can access our TMDs and the TMDs of all our products available through our Wrap and Super products from Compare Funds  #Transparent and genuine

4 October 2021

Q&A Friday – A new initiative has been established where our Chief Governance Officer, Rachel Axton, will provide all employees with a forum for asking questions and engaging in discussion about different parts of the business. Over the past 4-6 weeks we have hosted a number of different guests from the Chair of the Board, to our founder, to understanding more on Investor Relations and this Friday we have the founder of Banqer who we financially support. #Transparent and genuine

4 October 2021

Complaints Process Summary – On 4 October 2021 Netwealth has released a copy of its Complaints and Compensation Policy online under our ‘Contact Us’ page, as well as improving the wording on this page to help clients understand the process if they choose to make a complaint to Netwealth. #Transparent and genuine

1 October 2021

Charity Clothing Drive – Netwealth are encouraging our staff to take their unwanted clothing to their local charity box/bin or store, and we will make a financial donation to charity if we reach 1000kg of clothing. #Create a positive environment or social impact 

1 October 2021

Give the World a Shot – Netwealth has decided to encourage staff to get vaccinated through offering to offer the financial equivalent donation for 5 vaccinations for disadvantaged communities through the UNICEF “Give the World a Shot” Program.  This is equivalent to $12.50 per fully vaccinated employee who is happy to advise us of their vaccination status.  To date we have contributed $1,941.00. #Create a positive environment or social impact

29 September 2021

Staff Engagement Survey Results – JMD Matt Heine and Head of People & Culture Sonia Blacker talked Netwealth staff through the results of our Staff Engagement Survey and provided opportunities for staff to give feedback and ask questions. #Transparent and genuine

28 September 2021

EQ Mind Series – Netwealth just launched a series of virtual workshops for employees to enhance mental health, resilience and performance. Our first session on 29 September covered sleeping tips, daily rituals for improving mental health, how to optimise the workday and sleep tips. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

15 September 2021

Coffee Catch-Up Program – Netwealth just launched a program for employees to improve social interaction, encourage conversation across the business and as a way to get to know people from different teams. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

10 September 2021

Netwealth Recharge Day – Netwealth have gifted all staff a day off to recognise the amount of hard work everybody has put in over the past 18 months of the pandemic and working from home. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

26 August 2021

Bonus Leave - The last 18 months have not been easy and Netwealth recognise that staff need to take time off to relax and recharge. We are offering 4 days of additional bonus leave to employees if they take 5 weeks annual leave, and 2 days of additional leave if they take 4 weeks annual leave. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing 

20 August 2021

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Public Report – We just posted our first Workplace Gender Equality Agency Public Report for shareholders, staff and our community. #Transparent and genuine 

11 August 2021

CSR Email Address - Do you have ideas around CSR initiatives? Do you want to be part of our CSR program? Send us an email to our new CSR email address,, to get in touch with the team! #Transparent and genuine 

18 July 2021

Employee Assistance Program – Netwealth have just launched our new EAP Program to support our employees and provide support with a variety of work-related and personal issues. #Foster diversity, talent and wellbeing

Improving financial literacy in schools

Netwealth and Banqer bringing Financial education to life

We are involved in your world. We care about the community and support local organisations. In schools we support financial literacy, helping our younger Australians also see wealth differently.