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Inspiring creativity through collaboration to help you see innovation differently

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Special Report: The 10 types of innovation

Discover a framework for businesses to recast their notions of innovation and develop a means through which to understand how it can truly impact all elements of their business.

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We’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading innovation experts to create a collection of downloadable resources, workshops and tools to inspire creativity in your team. These simple, team building exercises have been designed to help your business see innovation differently. We hope you download them and find them useful for whatever challenge you’re working on.

Who can benefit?

Any business who wants to improve their business efficiency, find new business models, tackle people and cultural issues or simply find a small tweak that has a big difference.

This collection of resources will help you unlock creative thinking in whatever challenge you're tackling.

We have innovation resources, marketing tools, templates, guides and videos.

Download the workshops and guide your team through them. Or use the other tools for shorter worksheet-based activities. In most, you'll need your team, sticky notes, markers and plenty of curiosity.

Yes, and we hope you will!  You can also tailor the workshop to your own business needs. They have been designed for sharing, hacking and evolving!

We are also here to help. If you have suggestions, questions or want to share your experiences, reach out to us at or tweet @netwealthinvest.

Collaboration to inspire innovation

Customer Journey Workshop


Use this full-day workshop to identify pain points in your customer’s experience with you, and develop innovation solutions to address them.

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Celebrity Heads brand

Define and better understand your brand whilst reflecting on the characteristics of famous people and companies in this 120-minute team activity.

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AdviceTech Roadmap


Prioritise technology solutions and develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business with this 90-minute team activity.

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Speculative Innovation


Capitalise on changing consumer expectations by getting your team to inspire new products, services and ways of doing business to .

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Tools to unlock creativity

Innovation is as much about your mind as it is your teamwork. These tools are designed to help you explore and uncover different methods for creative problem solving and collaborative team thinking so you can arrive at innovative, impactful solutions.

Innovation Cards

The Netwealth Innovation Cards is a deck of 35 cards containing bite-sized innovation challenges to help you and your team unleash its inner creative genius.

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Removing Customer Friction Guide

This guide explores what customer friction is, how it can occur in the financial advice process and what you can do to help overcome and prevent it.

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What is innovation?

Hear leading advice practice owners discuss their views on what innovation means and the strategies they have implemented in their business.

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Prioritisation Matrix Poster

When you have lots of ideas how do you prioritise them? Using this simple tool, you can by plotting them on our 2x2 prioritisation matrix.

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Turn your business into a hotbed of innovation

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The customer journey is the destination

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We are here to help

If you have suggestions, questions or want to share your experiences, we want to hear from you.

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