A cost-competitive super solution

Super Accelerator Core is a cost-effective and easy way to manage super.


Sophisticated online tools with clear and simple fees

If you are looking to build a cost-effective super portfolio, using some of the best known investment managers and best in class online tools around, Super Accelerator Core is a great option.

Hand picked investment managers

Using Netwealth’s Global Specialist Series (GSS) funds, build a forward-looking portfolio with single sector index funds or active diversified funds.

Online portfolio management

You will have access to a centralised online management tool to track and oversee all your investments and accounts in the one place.

Clear and simple fees

You can take advantage of flexible and competitive pricing, capped administration fees.

Group and retail insurance options

Competitive insurance premiums and cover for Death, Total & Permanent Disability and Income Protection with our group or retail LifeWRAP insurance.

Investment options

The building blocks for a low-cost investment portfolio

Super Accelerator Core allows you to build cost-effective investment portfolios, the way you want. Create diversified, single sector or concentrated portfolios through a variety of index or active management styles.

Netwealth Global Specialist Series (GSS) funds

Netwealth’s GSS funds help give your portfolio an edge by providing low cost access to high quality fund managers with strong track records.

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Invest online in term deposits from a range of suppliers and options. Choose term deposits of differing maturity lengths from a range of Australian banks.

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This is the transaction centre of your account. Here all contributions, income and other receipts are deposited and all purchases of investments, withdrawals, fees, taxes and other costs are withdrawn.

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Online tools

Manage your super your way

Revolutionise the way you look at your wealth with Netwealth’s award-winning* online platform. Having access to your financial portfolio anywhere, everywhere means you can control your wealth your way.

Portfolio management tools

Buy, sell and track your investments and manage your super in one central, online place. Manage your savings, deposits and/or super contributions, set up an income and/or pension plan, get notified of important account activities and use more sophisticated features like dollar cost averaging and reinvestment plans.

Performance reports

Monitor the performance of your portfolio, view your asset allocation and get visibility over many other aspects of your account via our comprehensive suite of portfolio reports.

Cash transaction listing

Drill down and view the details of every transaction that impacts your cash account in seconds. Immediately see investment income, fees, taxes, contributions, and other transactions in and out of your account.

Life-stage options

Account options to suit any stage of your life

Regardless of where you are in your wealth journey, you can take advantage of the range of life-stage options in Super Accelerator Core.

Personal Super

If you are still working, our Personal Super account can receive contributions made by your employer, any other eligible contributions and rollovers from other funds.

If you have reached your ‘preservation age’, i.e. the age you can access your super, you can start a Transition to Retirement (TTR) Income Stream. Supplement your income while still working.

If you are in or near retirement, our Standard Income Stream account provides a tax-advantaged solution for generating a regular income from your superannuation.

If you are retired, you may be able to rollover the full proceeds of another term allocated pension (if you already have one). A TAP provides regular pension payments for an agreed term and may also offer favourable Centrelink treatment and tax concessions*.

These concessions are only available if you established a Term Allocated Pension prior to 20 September 2007 and met other important conditions associated with a Term Allocated Pension. Refer the TAP information guide for more details.


Competitive and clear fees

Take advantage of flexible and competitive pricing with capped administration fees.


More information

Want more information on Super Accelerator Core? Our resources section has a wide selection of information that will assist you in understanding our products and services. You should read the disclosure documents before deciding to invest.

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Not the right solution for you?

Are you looking for something more sophisticated with more investment options? Or are you looking for some more control via an SMSF? If so, check out the solutions below.

Super Accelerator Plus

A next generation super fund, which gives you access to a wide range of investment options – including ASX listed securities, international securities such as Nike, Apple and Nestle, 300+ managed funds, along with online portfolio management.

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Netwealth Self-Super combines our award-winning online SMSF investment platform*, Wealth Accelerator with cost-effective SMSF administration services to give you a convenient and efficient all-in-one SMSF solution.

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If you are still not sure, compare the different super solutions available from Netwealth.

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