Member information

Netwealth Investments Limited as trustee of the Netwealth Superannuation Master Fund provides the following information in accordance with the SIS Regulations and the SIS Act.

The following documents relate to the Fund and the Trustee:

The following significant notifications have been made to members in the last two years:


The following information relates to material outsourcing providers used by either the Fund or the Trustee:




Netwealth Group Services Pty Ltd 89 135 940 840 Provision of staffing resources including operations, IT, accounting; and IT infrastructure and compliance services
RBC Investor Services Trust 75 116 809 824 Sub custodian for international securities
RSM Australia Pty Ltd 74 490 121 060 Provision of internal audit services


The following Voting Policy for the Fund includes information about proxy voting:

The following is information relating to the Executive Officers of the Trustee and Trustee Board: