Between Meetings
with Matt Heine

A podcast series for financial advisers.

In this podcast series Matt Heine, Joint Managing Director of Netwealth, chats to industry professionals and thought leaders on what opportunities and challenges they see for financial advisers and the wealth industry as a whole.

Together they explore latest technologies, business models, changing demographic patterns and general trends in the industry. This series is designed for wealth professionals who are interested in seeing their business and the industry in a different light.

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(Latest) Episode 26:

Alisdair Barr - Founder - Striver

Make your next hire a good one by learning what to look for in the next generation of aspiring advisers from Alisdair Barr, founder of Striver, a recruitment service that links advice firms with quality university graduates. Also explore the small business lessons he's learnt during his diverse career in the industry, as he takes us through his journey that begins as a paraplanner, to working for a major bank, to starting his own business.

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You can also listen to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

Episode 1: Capitalising on the growing demand for financial advice

Recep Peker - Research Director - Investment Trends

Despite the growing demand for financial advice, fewer planners are reporting growth and practice profitability. Recep Peker, Research Director at Investment Trends, discusses some potential reasons for this and what opportunities exist for advisers to efficiently scale their business.

Episode 2: How to improve your business's digital user experience

Tim Kotsiakos - Creative Director & Founder - MASS

Are your practice's digital and physical experiences aligned? Listen to Tim Kotsiakos, Founder and Creative Director at MASS on the importance of having a consistent digital user experience for your business and what can be implemented to get your innovations to market quicker with best practices such as design thinking and customer experience design.

Episode 3: How to better create value for clients

Siva Sivakumaran - Managing Director, Adviser & Intermediary Solutions - Russell Investments

With advisers still feeling the fallout from the FOFA reforms and the continual improvements in technology and increased competition - who is going to succeed in this new world? Siva Sivakumaran, Managing Director of Adviser & Intermediary Solutions at Russell Investments, joins Matt to chat about the challenge advisers now face when it comes to creating value for clients as well as what they can do to better service mum and dad investors.

Episode 4: Why it's important not to get complacent after success

Oliver Hesketh - Head of NMG’s Management Consulting practice

In this episode we discuss why it's important to not get complacent after a period of success, the growth of ETFs and if advisers should be concerned or excited about the growth of robo-advice with Oliver Hesketh, head of NMG’s Management Consulting practice (formally Tria Investment Partners).

Episode 5: Harnessing technology as a point of difference

Chris Ridd - CEO - My Prosperity

Hear why advisers should be embracing technology to take advantage of their data set and improve client engagement from Chris Ridd, CEO of My Prosperity. Chris and Matt also explore how advisers can evaluate new technology to make sure it fits their ecosystem.

Episode 6: Managing your brand reputation

Julie Bennett and Fiona Harris - Public Relations - 64 Media

The media is a powerful tool to bring advice to everyone and establish yourself as a thought leader - but how do you make yourself heard? Learn how to become more involved with the media and what you should be doing to manage your brands reputation in the public eye, with Julie Bennett and Fiona Harris from financial services public relations company 64 Media.

Episode 7: AI Investing - The future is here

Jason Winderbaum - Regional head of Australia - Sanlam Private Wealth

Take a deep dive into the impact artificial intelligence (AI) investing is having on the wealth industry here and overseas. Jason Winderbaum, Sanlam Private Wealth's regional head of Australia, joins Matt to discuss how Sanlam are embracing this technology and if there will still be a role for emotional intelligence in advice.

Episode 8: What's your rating?

Angus Woods and Mark Hoven - Adviser Ratings

The 2018 Netwealth AdviceTech report reveals that less than 30% of advice businesses are using tools to capture feedback from their clients. Angus Woods and Mark Hoven from Adviser Ratings get behind the mic with Matt to discuss how consumer feedback tools may help advisers and their practice better engage with their clients, improve their service and win new customers.

Episode 9: Getting your business focus right

Michael Harrison and Rob Jones - Peloton Partners

What is your advice worth? Michael Harrison and Rob Jones from Peloton Partners discuss the challenge and importance of truly understanding your business and how to effectively value your offering. Plus they share why more advice practices and advisers need to be proactive with technology if they wish to thrive.

Episode 10: Bringing financial advice to more Australians

Hon. Bernie Ripoll - Director - Map My Plan

The Hon. Bernie Ripoll, a.k.a the Father of FOFA and director of Map My Plan, believes every Australian should have a financial plan and chats with Matt about how technology can help advisers make this a reality. In this episode, Bernie also reflects on the Future of Financial Advice reforms and shares his views on the Royal Commission.

Episode 11: Improving adviser efficiency with AI

Joel Robbie - Co-founder & CEO - Nod

Find out how artificial intelligence is transforming the SOA production and removing the manual work involved in delivering advice, from Joel Robbie the co-founder and CEO of Nod. Joel also speaks about his journey into this technology, sharing the story of his fintech start-up and the important lessons learnt as an entrepreneur.

Episode 12: RegTech: Enabling better compliance, faster

Samantha Clarke - CEO - Advice RegTech

RegTech is looking to revolutionise compliance in the financial advice industry. Samantha Clarke, CEO of Advice RegTech, discusses how an adviser can implement RegTech in their practice to enable them to meet their compliance obligations quickly and efficiently.

Episode 13: The role of the media

Aleks Vickovich - Digital Editor - Your Money

Aleks Vickovich, digital editor of Your Money, joins Matt to discuss the changes he's seen in financial advice, gaps in the market he believes haven't adequately been filled, and what Australian advisers can learn from their American peers - based on his six years covering the industry at Momentum Media.

Episode 14: Why advice businesses should have a strategic plan

Brad Fox - Founder - SmartBrave Consulting

With all the change impacting the industry, it's now more important than ever to future-proof your business. Hear why you should create a strategic plan to truly understand the industry environment, your competitive advantages, and stakeholders, from Brad Fox, founder of SmartBrave Consulting and former AFA President. 

Episode 15: Improving your productivity

Vanessa Bennett - CEO & Co-Founder - Next Evolution Performance

Discover strategies to make the most of your time and energy with Vanessa Bennett, CEO of Next-Evolution Performance, as she joins the show to discuss how financial advisers can achieve peak performance. Vanessa also explains the power of a positive mindset and the value of having effective people systems. 

Episode 16: Why financial advisers are embracing ETFs

Alex Vynokur - CEO & Co-Founder - Betashares

The low-cost and transparent nature of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have seen their adoption rate accelerate among Australian advisers in light of the FOFA reforms. Alex Vynokur, co-founder and CEO of Betashares, discusses how ETFs are evolving and the lessons he has learnt from starting-up and managing ETF provider Betashares.

Episode 17: Building a culture of success

Jeremy Duffield - CEO & Founder - SuperEd

Explore how Jeremy Duffield, CEO and founder of SuperEd, established Vanguard as a major force in the Australian wealth industry during his time as managing director. He delves into how he fostered a successful organisational culture during his 20 years in that role and also shares his thoughts on how technology can help achieve better retirement outcomes.

Episode 18: Why education standards matter

Dante de Gori - CEO - Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)

Dante de Gori, CEO of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, joins Matt to discuss the benefits of greater education for advisers and what impact this will have on attracting the next generation into the industry. Dante also shares his experience of being in the box at the Royal Commission and what the future holds for the FPA.

Episode 19: LICs, franking credits and philanthropy

Geoff Wilson - Chairman and CIO - Wilson Asset Management

Hear from a pioneer of the Australian LIC industry as Geoff Wilson, Chairman & CIO of Wilson Asset Management, joins Matt to share his story of how he helped popularise this investment vehicle and built a successful funds management company. Geoff also shares why he is opposed to Labor's proposed franking credit changes and his philanthropic initiatives that have seen over $10 million raised for charity.

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Episode 20: Bringing private equity to investors

Russell Pillemer - Founder and CEO - Pengana Capital

Learn the benefits of private equity and how it is becoming more accessible for investors with Russell Pillemer, CEO of Pengana Capital. Russell also shares his experiences from working in New York to founding and growing his funds management group into a success, and what it was like partnering with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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Episode 21: The future of ESG and impact investing

Richard Brandweiner - CEO - Pendal Australia

With responsible investing continuing to rise in popularity and importance among investors, Richard Brandweiner - CEO of Pendal Australia, joins Matt to discuss the impact it is having on the investing landscape.

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Episode 22: Communicating effectively with clients

Scott West - Head of Invesco Consulting

Find out why the words that you use matter as Scott West, head of Invesco Consulting, joins the show to share simple communication tips that can enhance the relationships with your clients.

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Episode 23: Starting your own business

Paul Heath - CEO & Co-founder - Koda Capital

After rising to CEO of JBWeir, Paul Heath, Co-Founder and CEO of Koda Capital, made the decision to leave and start his own business from scratch. In this episode Paul shares his motivation for co-founding Koda Capital and the lessons he learnt during his career in financial advice that helped to make it a success.

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Episode 24: How to articulate your value effectively

Kim Payne - Managing Director - 9rok Consulting

To succeed in any business you need to clearly and succinctly articulate the reasons clients should engage your services or invest in the products you recommend. Kim Payne, managing director of 9rok Consulting, discusses how to effectively communicate the value you provide and she shares marketing strategies to get your message heard.

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Episode 25: How advice documents are evolving with AI and lessons from a successful entrepreneur

Joel Robbie - Founder - Nod

Discover how financial advice documents are evolving with AdviceTech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning from Joel Robbie, CEO and founder of Nod. He also discusses his start-up journey, and the key lessons learnt along the way, as well and the impact he believes robo-advice will have on the industry and advisers.

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Episode 26:

Alisdair Barr - Founder - Striver

Make your next hire a good one by learning what to look for in the next generation of aspiring advisers from Alisdair Barr, founder of Striver, a recruitment service that links advice firms with quality university graduates. Also explore the small business lessons he's learnt during his diverse career in the industry, as he takes us through his journey that begins as a paraplanner, to working for a major bank, to starting his own business.

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