Simplify portfolio construction

The Netwealth Global Specialist Series has been designed to enable the construction of diversified investment portfolios that are simple to manage.


The building blocks for a low-cost investment portfolio

By combining Netwealth Accelerator Core accounts with the Netwealth GSS managed funds, you can build cost-effective investment portfolios, the way you want. Create diversified, single sector, or concentrated portfolios through a variety of index or active management styles.

GSS Single sector index funds

These funds, managed by Blackrock, are for those who prefer to take an index approach to a specific asset class, whether it be an exposure to bonds, property, Australian or international shares.

GSS Index Opportunities funds

These Index Opportunities funds, managed by UBS, are for those who want the benefit of active asset allocation management that actively seeks opportunities from valuation discrepancies between indexes, but also seeks the value-add of investment selection and fund manager selection.

GSS Active Funds

These Active funds, managed by Russell Investments, are for those who are seeking diversification across multiple asset classes, investment strategies, investment managers and styles


Cost-effective inside super

The GSS funds can be purchased as part of super, SMSF or as a 'non-super' investment. They are available in all the Netwealth products – either in Netwealth's low-cost Accelerator Core offer or alternatively the option-rich Accelerator Plus offer.

Super and Wealth Accelerator

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Netwealth Global Specialist Funds

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Term deposits

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300+ managed funds

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Managed account models

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More information

Want more information on our GSS funds? Our resources section has everything covered.

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