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Low administration fee of 0.15%^

Accelerator Core combines a low administration fee of 0.15%^ with an extensive investment menu to give you the building blocks for low cost investment portfolios. Access over 60 investments, comprising managed funds, models, and stable income options.

Managed models

Elevate your portfolio management and scale your business with a series of customisable managed models. Access well known model managers and benefit from rigorous strategies that range from passive to dynamic multi-asset approaches.

Managed funds

Enhance your portfolio flexibility with our diverse array of managed funds. Choose from a range of diversified active or index passive funds to match varying risk profiles and investment horizons

Stable income options

Access stable retirement income and short-term investment opportunities with our tailored cash solutions. Explore a range of term deposits, fixed term annuities and cash options.

Award-winning platform*

Run your business the way you want to and deliver better business and client outcomes using Netwealth’s award-winning platform.*


^The 0.15% administration fee applies to account balances up to $750,000 and is subject to additional fixed and minimum fees. For complete fee details, view the disclosure document for Super Accelerator and Wealth Accelerator.

Managed models

Access over 40 models within 11 managed accounts

Betashares Dynamic Models

BetaShares Capital Limited offers a series of managed ETF models across most risk profiles. These models utilise a diversified range of asset classes and aim to enhance risk-adjusted returns through dynamic asset allocation strategies. Asset allocations within these models are subject to periodic reviews based on market conditions and correlations.

The iShares Enhanced Strategic model portfolios are actively managed and diversified across all asset classes. Each of the six risk profiles, from Conservative to All Growth, has an optimised asset allocation, enhanced by BlackRock's Aladdin© system. Targeted, liquid ETFs are used for efficient, low-cost diversification across countries, sectors, and styles.

Utilise a suite of managed index models with a focus on strategic asset allocation across multiple asset classes utilising underlying managed funds, and cash. These models employ passive investment strategies and the capital markets and strategic asset allocation are formally reviewed annually.

Benefit from an expanded range of model portfolios that invest in ESG funds and ETFs. Employing passive ESG screened investment strategies, these models provide a diversified exposure to all standard asset classes investing in managed funds, ASX-listed ETFs, and cash. The capital markets views and strategic asset allocation are formally reviewed annually

The BlackRock Index –Top 20 Model Portfolio seeks to match the total return of the S&P/ASX20 Accumulation Index, designed for investors who seek exposure to Australian equities through a portfolio of large capitalisation stocks.

Explore models that are crafted to offer conservative investment solutions aimed at wealth preservation. The asset focus is predominantly on Australian shares, A-REITs, ETFs, ETPs, managed funds, and cash, all restricted to securities from the S&P/ASX 200 Index. The models are designed to assist advisers in building and preserving client wealth.

Access diversified managed account models backed by Lonsec’s robust research capabilities. Employing a core-satellite approach, these models blend low-cost index funds with actively managed assets. The portfolios typically consist of growth and defensive assets such as Australian and global equities, property, and fixed interest.

Designed to offer medium- to long-term capital growth and income, these portfolios feature diversified exposure across multiple asset classes. The investment strategy utilises a blend of listed income and growth assets, leveraging Lonsec’s research and model manager expertise.

Milliman SmartShield GSS Models

Access portfolios centred on risk management with an aim to provide performance while mitigating downside risks. These models employ Milliman's SmartShield risk management techniques across a diversified range of asset classes such as ETFs, managed funds, and cash. The portfolios are designed to cater to various investment objectives and risk appetites.

Morningstar Model Portfolios

Engage with actively managed models oriented towards delivering income and growth returns. These portfolios aim to outperform the Consumer Price Index (CPI) over rolling periods and comprise a blend of defensive and growth assets. Asset allocation is carefully managed to offer investment choices suited for varying risk appetites.

Russell Investments Managed Models

Invest in portfolios that offer a balanced mix of growth and defensive assets. Leveraging Russell Investments' dynamic multi-asset and multi-manager strategies, these models include ETFs and direct shares in their asset allocation. Asset allocations are dynamically adjusted in response to market conditions and subject to rigorous review.

Managed funds

Choose from 13 managed funds with 3 diverse strategies

BlackRock GSS Index Funds

Access a suite of asset class specific index-tracking solutions including Australian & international bonds, Australian & international equities (hedged and unhedged) and Australian listed property. These funds aim to closely mirror the performance of the index benchmarks

BlackRock GSS Index Plus Funds

Explore customised diversified investment solutions through BlackRock's GSS Index Plus Funds. Designed for specific risk-return profiles, these models employ a mix of managed funds and ETFs. Utilising both active and passive strategies, the asset allocation is reviewed annually, catering to investors with varying risk tolerances.

Russell Investments GSS Active Funds

Engage with a diverse set of investment solutions through Russell's GSS Active funds. Employing tactical asset allocation, these funds invest in underlying actively managed Russell managed funds. The asset allocation is actively managed on an ongoing basis, and the funds cater to a wide range of risk profiles.

Stable income solutions

Select from a range of term deposits, annuities and cash options

Term Deposits

Integrate term deposits from BOQ, NAB, and ANZ into your client portfolios. Choose from terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years and offer your clients a secure income.

Fixed Term Annuities

Incorporate Challenger fixed-term annuities to provide your clients with a guaranteed income stream. Take advantage of weekly rate changes and select from term durations ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Coming soon: Netcash 31 Day Notice fund

Enhance your cash management strategies with Netcash 31 Day Notice Fund that is designed to offer a competitive yield. The fund pays interest of RBA + 25 basis points, with only a 31-day notice period for withdrawals, offering a higher interest rate in return for the extended notice.


Rated Australia's best overall platform*

Rated by Investment Trends as number 1 in Overall Satisfaction by users for the 11th consecutive year, rated number 1 by Investment Trends for Best Platform Overall in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021, and rated by Chant West as Advised Product of the Year 2018-2022.

Award-winning portfolio management technology and customer service

Manage client investments and portfolios using a rich set of award-winning portfolio, reporting, decision support and transaction tools.*

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Wealth Accelerator and Super Accelerator come with two product versions, giving the choice of a low cost Accelerator Core investment menu and more expansive Accelerator Plus menu. With Accelerator Core, leverage a low 0.15% Administration Fee^ and get the investment options to build diversified portfolios.


Netwealth Global Specialist Series (GSS) funds & models, plus a selection of other managed models^^

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

Term deposits and annuities

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

600+ Managed funds and models

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

ASX listed equities

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

International Equities

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

Sophisticated/wholesale investments^^^

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

Domestic and international bonds^^^

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

Foreign currency accounts^^^

Super/Wealth Accelerator Core
Super Accelerator Plus
Wealth Accelerator Plus

^^The GSS Managed Models are available in certain versions of the Netwealth Managed Account and may not be available to you. Refer to the PDS provided to you for the Netwealth Managed Account.
^^^Wealth Accelerator Plus only. A range of investments offered under an Information Memorandum (IM) are available to clients who meet the definition of 'Sophisticated Investor’ or ‘Wholesale Client’ as outlined in the Corporations Act.

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