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GSS Index Managed Model Profiles


GSS Index Managed Models - Annual asset allocation review 

The strategic asset allocation (‘SAA’) of the GSS Index Managed Models is reviewed annually. As a result, the models maybe re-balanced to reflect the updated strategic asset allocation.  


GSS Index Managed Model - Managed Fund List

To download the Product Disclosure Statement for any of the managed funds in the GSS Managed Models, please click on the managed fund name below. This web page is taken to be included in the Managed Account Product Disclosure Statement  (‘PDS’) issued by Netwealth. You should consider all parts of and all of the documents referred to in the PDS that are relevant to you before making an investment decision

Before you invest using a Managed Model that can invest in managed funds, you must be given and read the current product disclosure statement for any managed funds that may be included in the Managed Model.

To use the Managed Account, you must first apply to open a Netwealth platform account. If you have appointed your adviser as your adviser representative in relation to your platform account, your adviser representative offers to act as your agent to receive on your behalf any documents relating to any of the assets acquired or held in your managed account and provide this information to you. By completing the Application, you accept your adviser representative’s offer and appoint your adviser representative as your agent authorised to receive such documents. We agree to ensure that your adviser representative (in their capacity as your agent) receives the current product disclosure statement for any managed funds included in your managed account before those managed funds are acquired for you.

Your financial adviser should give you the current product disclosure statements for those managed funds. 


Asset Class Managed fund name APIR code
Australian equities Netwealth Australian Equities Index Fund NET0001AU
International equities Netwealth Hedged International Equities Index Fund NET2119AU
International equities Netwealth Unhedged International Equities Index Fund NET0009AU
Australian property Netwealth Australian Property Index Fund NET0010AU
Australian fixed interest Netwealth Australian Bond Index Fund NET0023AU
International fixed interest Netwealth Global Bond Index Fund NET5702AU
Cash Netcash NET0034AU


For a printable version of the Managed Funds List, click here


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