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Dynamic asset allocations in volatile times

Kej Somaia, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions Kej outlines the importance of dynamic multi-asset portfolios when investing. We discuss inflation, bond yields, active vs passive strategies, and ethical investing. Kej also shares his thoughts on the next 10 year returns for fixed income and equities given the strong returns of the last decade.

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Global property opportunities for income focused investors

Mark Mazzerella, Portfolio Manager at APN Property Group, provides the key attractions of global property REITs for income focused investors, and the unique opportunities presented by the recent pandemic.

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Generating income with a multi-sector fixed income strategy 

Adam Grotzinger, Managing Director at Neuberger Berman, outlines some current market opportunities for investors wanting a regular and durable income.

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An alternative investment is a financial asset that does not fall into one of the conventional categories.

The role of alternative investments in a diversified portfolio

It's no surprise to see momentum gaining for alternative investments as people look beyond stocks, bonds and cash. In this webinar, Macquarie explain what to look for and how to incorporate alternative assets into your portfolio.

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Why more Australians should consider high-grade bonds

Australians are chronically underweight relative to high-grade bonds, according to Paul Chin of Jamieson Coote Bonds. Find out how they can help to defend a portfolio in a down market.

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Diversifying your portfolio with hybrid investments

Hybrids can be attractive to investors for their franked income, low volatility and diversification benefits. But as an investment containing features of debt and equity it’s important to understand their structure, risks and rewards.

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Spread your investments and lower your risk.

What will global markets have in store for investors in 2021

Hear from Perpetual as they provide a 2021 outlook for the Australian and global economy and discuss how investors can generate positive returns in high-risk markets.

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2021 investment opportunities with Roger Montgomery

Hear from Roger Montgomery on whether there is a silver lining to the uncertainty of recent times and if conditions are set to boom in infected economies.

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Market outlook for investors in Australian equities

Hear from Pengana as they share a market outlook for Australian equities, a macro update on the Australian economy and their key takeaways from reporting season.

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs are investment funds that can be traded on a stock exchange, such as the ASX, like ordinary shares.

Exploring Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

In this podcast, we explore the world of ETFs with Damon Gosen from VanEck and discuss what the next-evolution of this asset may look like.

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Why ETFs might be a smart investment choice

Learn about the features and benefits of Exchange Traded Funds, trading tips and how to choose ETFs that are right for your investment portfolio from Damon Gosen of VanEck.

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Unlocking Smart-Beta ETFs for your portfolio

Smart Beta investment strategies aim to capture the beta of a market in the smartest possible way. Damon Gosen from VanEck explains what this investment is and its potential benefits for investors.

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Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investing

Explore the world of ethical investing.


How climate change and ESG factors are driving an investment shift

Learn how to develop an investment approach that considers many future scenarios (both positive and negative) and how portfolios should be adjusted to address potential risks and return.

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2020, the latest developments in Environment, Social and Governance investing

Learn about the current themes in ESG investing, recent regulatory changes and the key factors that investors should understand in 2020.

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The rise of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing

Discover how to make ethical investment choices using ESG research, how rising geopolitical risks may impact ethical investing, and investment tips for navigating the market uncertainty.

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Learn more about our super and investment solution

Find out how you can take control of your own financial future with Netwealth’s wide range of account options and sophisticated online tools.

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Fixed income investing

A type of investment that offers regular set returns over a specific period of time.

Is this time different for bonds?

Bond markets are adjusting after yields moved sharply higher in the first quarter of 2021. Schroders Fund Manager Kellie Wood explores the trends set to shape markets in 2021, and explains why she believes the repricing of bonds represents a healthy reset.

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Stability in volatility with convertible bonds

Arnaud Brillois, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager/Analyst on the Lazard Global Convertibles team, shares his knowledge on convertible bonds and how they differ from vanilla equity or debt. Learn about the benefits of convexity, and how you can protect your investment portfolio from volatility.

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Building a fixed income portfolio using index and alpha strategies

Learn how to construct a considered fixed-income portfolio combining multiple return drivers, including capital preservation, portfolio diversification and income.

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Infrastructure funds provide the opportunity to invest in essential public assets.


Global property opportunities for income focused investors

Mark Mazzerella, Portfolio Manager at APN Property Group, provides the key attractions of global property REITs for income focused investors, and the unique opportunities presented by the recent pandemic.

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Dissecting listed infrastructure in the new world

Hear from Magellan as they share their insights on the current state of the listed infrastructure sector, including the recent performance, outlook, and future opportunities for investors.

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How our demand for data is creating investment opportunities

Learn about how a global increase in data consumption is creating unique investment opportunities in listed infrastructures. 

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International investing

Discover opportunities overseas

What is driving increasing company valuations and will it last?

Discover the role of value and growth stocks in your portfolio and the current factors driving company valuations. 

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What to look for in emerging markets

Listen to why emerging markets and should be on an investors radar. Kim Catechis from Legg Mason also discusses some of the markets that excite him and why he is so interested in Peruvian banking.

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Three key ways investing overseas helps de-risk your portfolio

When it comes to successfully riding out the inevitable ups and downs of financial markets, investing offshore allows you to access a range of new opportunities while spreading your risk.

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Managing volatility

Strategies to safeguard your portfolio through periods of uncertainty.

Dynamic asset allocations for volatile times

Kej Somaia, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Solutions Kej outlines the importance of dynamic multi-asset portfolios when investing, We discuss inflation, bond yields, active vs passive strategies, and ethical investing. Kej also shares his thoughts on the next 10 year returns for fixed income and equities given the strong returns of the last decade. 

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Global and Australian market outlook with David Bassanese

In this episode, David Bassanese, Chief Economist at BetaShares joins us to discuss the potential impact of the US election on global markets, how China's trade restrictions and an outlook for Australian equities.

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The role of fixed interest strategies in an ultra-low rate environment

Hear from Ardea who joins us to discuss fixed interest and specifically whether duration strategies can still provide diversification in portfolios in the current ultra-low interest rate environment.

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The portfolio construction podcast

Our investment research team pick the brains of wealth management professionals to uncover unique insights on the investment areas they are passionate about while also sharing fascinating stories and lessons from their experience.

Small caps

These are the companies that sit outside of the largest 100 on the ASX by market cap.

The investment opportunities in global mid & small-cap equities

Hear from Fairlight as they share the recent performance and outlook for global mid and small-cap equities and discuss why more investors should consider a global mid and small-cap strategy in their portfolio.

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Micro-cap companies and their investment potential

Hear from Ellerston Capital as they share an outlook on the Australian micro-caps sector, where the investment opportunities lie in the next 12 months and the key criteria to consider when researching and selecting micro-caps.​

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Hidden potential lies in small cap stocks

The Australian market is highly skewed towards large stocks. For investors looking to maximise their returns from a rich and diverse opportunity set, small cap stocks can be a good alternative.

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Is an SMSF right for you?

Winding up your SMSF the right way

Understand the changes to SMSFs and what to consider if you're thinking about winding one up.

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Is this the end for SMSFs?

Various changes over the past several years have impacted SMSFs. This webinar explores the factors and circumstances in which the benefits of SMSFs may be outweighed by regulatory burdens and the general costs of maintaining one.

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The differences between super funds and SMSFs

Depending on where you are in life, there are several types of accounts that could suit your superannuation needs.

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Value investing

Find unloved stocks.

Why now might be time to reconsider the role of value investing

Should investors look towards value stocks over high-growth assets? And what should investors expect to see in the market from a pandemic driven recession.

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Finding value in a volatile market

The recent downturn and volatility in global equity markets has given rise to an unpredictable environment for investors. Discover how to find value by identifying healthy sectors and strong stock countries.

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The importance of a strong management team

Discover how to identify quality management and why a strong team is crucial for a company to grow, develop and navigate rough waters from Amit Lodha of Fidelity.

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