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Managed accounts are not all the same

Despite their many benefits, not all managed accounts are the same; neither are their underlying technologies. Here we explore their differences and why investors should do their research before taking the leap.

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Hybrids: Opportunities, challenges and the state of play for Australian investors

Chris Joye, Co-CIO at Coolabah Capital Institutional Investments, provides an update on the hybrids market and the opportunities available for Australian investors looking to access the unique features of this asset class.

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Diversifying your portfolio with hybrid investments

Hybrids can be attractive to investors for their franked income, low volatility and diversification benefits. But as an investment containing features of debt and equity it’s important to understand their structure, risks and rewards.

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Why more Australians should consider high-grade bonds

Australians are chronically underweight relative to high-grade bonds, according to Paul Chin of Jamieson Coote Bonds. Find out how they can help to defend a portfolio in a down market.

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The role of alternative investments in a diversified portfolio

It's no surprise to see momentum gaining for alternative investments as people look beyond stocks, bonds and cash. In this webinar, Macquarie explain what to look for and how to incorporate alternative assets into your portfolio.

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Investing in a late-cycle market

We discuss strategies investors should consider in a late-cycle market, and also explore the benefits bonds can provide a portfolio during periods of volatility.

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