Managed accounts:
A whole of business solution

Managed accounts bring together the best of technological innovation and financial advice.

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Scale and grow the profitability of your business

Discover how to revolutionise the way your business operates and structure client investments in a new and dynamic way with managed accounts.

Greater flexibility for your clients

In the age of the Internet, transparency is a given. Managed Accounts offer your clients greater control and transparency, giving them a tailored investment experience, all in a tax efficient investment vehicle.

Improve your business efficiency and profitability

You have more and more things to do, but less and less time to do them in. Managed Accounts can make managing client investment portfolios more efficient because there is less time spent on ROAs, SOAs, and associated paperwork.

Access to a wide range of investment managers

Netwealth has made choosing a managed account provider easier by carefully selecting a range of sector and diversified investment managers for you to use with your clients.

Your private label managed account solution

With more and more pressure on margins, advice practices, licensees and private offices are looking at new business models. Netwealth’s private label managed account solution makes this opportunity a reality by offering a fully branded investment solution.


Not all managed account technology is equal

Take advantage of Netwealth’s robust and fully-featured managed account platform that is both powerful and flexible enough to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Impressive computation power

Consider the computation power and sophisticated algorithms required to manage our Managed Account models with their many underlying investments, rules and exceptions used by thousands of investors.

To be effective a managed account must run seamlessly for advice practices, licensees and private offices. We set ourselves apart by not only focusing on our technology, but on ensuring a robust legal, administration and support structure.

Simply login to your Netwealth account to view a client’s current investments, allocation to Managed Account models and suite of integrated reports. Buy and sell online and update investment preferences or suspend rebalances.

We provide you access to both managed account and non-managed account investment options from an individual super or investment account, helping to make portfolio management, performance reporting and client engagement easier.

With our Managed Account, implementation is quicker and cost effective with same day trading, account level netting of trades and floating model capability. We specialise in minimising investment implementation risk and reducing tracking error.

With our investment parameters and rules, you and your client can exclude, lock or substitute investments and set minimum trade sizes and holding amounts.

Options available include ASX 200, small, mid-cap and income models as well as diversified and direct international securities models from a range of managers and asset consultants.


Benefits for your business and for your clients

With managed accounts not only are you creating a consistent process with a reliable business model, you are creating an environment in which you are clear about your value proposition and your clients know what to expect from you.

Changes to portfolios by the investment manager can be implemented across some or all clients as frequently as required, streamlining adviser efficiency and limiting investment implementation leakage

Investment models can be tailored to meet adviser or client requirements

New clients can be easily allocated to an existing model or mix of models, with efficient and immediate implementation

With more and more pressure on margins, advice practices, licensees and private offices are looking at new business models. Netwealth’s private label managed account solution makes this opportunity a reality by offering a fully branded investment solution without many of the regulatory overheads.

An MDA licence does not need to be held by an adviser to initiate changes to client portfolios

By having a clear picture of all the underlying investments in the model, clients can see exactly where their money is invested and what investment decisions have been implemented on their behalf

This in turn makes it easier to see the performance of specific assets that make up the portfolio and how each asset contributes to investment performance

Clients can set investment parameters and rules around how their portfolio is managed, including investment exclusions and substitutions, trade sizes and tax preferences (for example an investor can choose to substitute Rio Tinto for BHP or remove non-ethical stocks from their portfolio)

Clients get the full benefit of any franking credits

When investing in a managed model of equities, clients do not buy into any embedded tax liability which is often the case if they are invested in a managed fund

Obviously, managed accounts are not for everyone.  If you would like more information about the associated risks, contact us.


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