Invest in wholesale managed funds

Invest in a range of over 400 managed funds, many of which are wholesale, from leading investment managers.


Hundreds of investment options

Managed funds provide an easy way to access the professional expertise of leading international and Australian fund managers. You can select from multiple funds to build an investment portfolio to suit your personal circumstances, goals and investment time-frame.

managed funds

Wide range of investments

Invest in international or Australian hedge funds, small cap and mid cap assets, diversified or single sector and a whole lot more. Choose from leading managers such as Vanguard, Blackrock, UBS or Magellan


Multi-sector diversified funds

Diversified managed funds provide a simple way to hold a mixture of growth and income producing assets matching your investment objectives. Choose from a range of multi-sector funds including, conservative, balanced, growth and high growth allocations.


Single sector funds

Build your own portfolio with single sector funds with exposure to a specific asset class such as cash, fixed interest, shares and property. Select from a range of assets classes trading on local and international markets.

alternative investments

Alternative investments

Choose from a range of alternative investment strategies, which typically are investments in assets other than securities, and utilise strategies that go beyond traditional methods, such as long/short strategies.

Cost savings

Wholesale pricing and investor rebates

Access wholesale priced managed funds and save money with our investor rewards program.

Wholesale managed funds

Managed funds often require a significant initial investment to access wholesale pricing. Our low entry purchase minimums mean you are not locked out from purchasing even the most boutique managers. And at wholesale prices, you are often getting a better price than anywhere on the market.

Investor Rewards

Reduce your ongoing investment cost with our Investor Rewards program. Receive an investor reward rebate of 0.10% per year of the value of the money held in any managed fund listed our Investor Rewards Menu. Currently the Menu has over 45 managed funds from 25+ managers.

Managed fund research

Research and compare managed funds

Get the latest research data and commentary, plus compare and contrast different managed funds. See performance data, costs and use powerful filtering tools to identify funds by manager and asset classes.

Investment options

Looking for other investment options?

Asset and geographical diversification is easy when you access our large range of other investment options.

ASX listed securities

Invest online in ASX listed securities - including company shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), AREITS, listed investment companies and certain warrants, at competitive rates.

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Invest online in companies such as Nike, Nestle, Apple and many more. Choose from a range of securities listed on multiple international exchanges.

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Invest online in professionally managed multi- sector, diversified and international investment portfolios. Access all the benefits of managed accounts with these models.

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When combined with Netwealth Accelerator Core accounts, these funds enable the construction of diversified investment portfolios that are cost-effective. GSS offers quality managers with strong track records.

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Invest online in term deposits from a range of suppliers and options. Choose term deposits of differing maturity lengths from a range of leading Australian banks.

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Additional to the benefits of Accelerator Plus, Wholesale Clients can access multi-currency trading, domestic and international bonds, plus other wholesale investment products.

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Receive an investor reward of 0.10% per year of the value of the money held in funds on the Investor Rewards Menu. Currently the Menu has over 45 managed funds from 25+ managers.

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Account options

Invest your super, SMSF or non-super monies

You can access this investment and others using the Netwealth account options below.

Super Accelerator Plus

Enjoy investment flexibility backed by sophisticated online technology with our next gen super fund, Super Accelerator Plus. You can buy and sell investments online and use sophisticated investment research tools to help you better understand what you are investing in.

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Wealth Accelerator is a full-featured online investment wrap platform, great if you are an SMSF trustee or investor looking to manage SMSF and non-super investments in one single online place and to centralise and consolidate portfolio administration and reporting.

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One of our experienced client consultants can discuss how our investment and superannuation solutions can best meet your needs.

Contact a consultant

For those who would like to see the platform in action, we can schedule a suitable time to give you a demo of technology and provide you an overview of your options.

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Not ready to open an account today? Why not open a free research account and get access to ASX data, watchlists and managed funds research.

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