Our people

With shared values, the Netwealth team is committed to the success of the company, our clients and partners.

Our values

Our shared values

At Netwealth we pride ourselves on living and breathing a set of shared values, impacting the way we work, communicate and live.


We are curious and look to challenge assumptions, explore new possibilities and enthusiastically learn.


We are optimistic and look to be positive, drive for solutions and demonstrate passion and pride.


We are courageous and look to take action, overcome barriers and stand up for the right outcome.


We are collaborative and look to consider others’ priorities, share knowledge & help others and communicate effectively and respectfully.


We are agile and look to adapt to change, focus on agreed priorities and execute quickly and efficiently.


We are genuine and look to be open, honest & transparent, act with integrity and ensure compliance with regulations and demonstrate professionalism consistently.

The board and executive team

A team of creators with a sense of purpose

The Netwealth team is committed to the success of the company, curious and genuine in their approach to partnering with our clients to help them see wealth differently.

Meet the Board

Michael Heine

Joint Managing Director

Michael has extensive experience in Australian and European financial markets, including commodity trading, international financing, mortgage lending and property development through the privately owned Heine Brothers organisation. In 1999 Michael then established Netwealth. Michael is now Joint Managing Director, along with his son Matt.

Matt Heine

Joint Managing Director

Matt started his career in financial services over 15 years ago when he joined Netwealth in July 2001. Matt’s experience in sales, marketing and product brings a ‘hands on’ understanding to his role. Matt has a passion for advice, superannuation, investment and technology and is a regular media commentator and presenter on these topics.

Jane Tongs


Jane was a partner at PwC till 2000 specialising in the financial services sector. She has had significant experience in insurance, funds management and superannuation. Jane is currently a Non-Executive Director of a number of companies including the Cromwell Property Group.

Davyd Lewis


Davyd was a partner of Mallesons Stephen Jaques for 20 years where his roles included Partner in Charge of Melbourne, Managing Partner and Practice Team Leader of M&A and responsible for supervising the relationship with 50 of the firm's biggest clients.

Tim Antonie


Tim Antonie qualified as a chartered accountant at Price Waterhouse and was a Managing Director of UBS Investment Bank. Tim is a non-executive director of Premier Investments, Village Roadshow and Breville Group.

Meet the Executive team

Grant Boyle

Chief Financial Officer

John Hanrahan

Chief Information Officer

Alistair Densley

General Manager Operations

Rachel Axton

General Manager Legal, Risk and Compliance

Phil Coldwell

General Manager Product

Amanda Atkinson

Head of Investor Services

Meet the Business Development Managers

Paul Yates
State Manager

Phone 0419 129 151
Email pauly@netwealth.com.au
Location NSW & ACT

Carine Grassy
Distribution Manager

Phone 0400 639 691
Email carine@netwealth.com.au
Location NSW & ACT 

Sid Cavallaro
Senior Distribution Manager

Phone 0409 405 617
Email sid@netwealth.com.au
Location NSW & ACT 

Brookie Fogarty
Distribution Manager

Phone 0401 888 644
Email brookie@netwealth.com.au
Location NSW & ACT

Lindsay Coates
Senior Distribution Manager

Phone 0423 580 506
Email lindsay@netwealth.com.au
Location QLD

Justin Carroll
Senior Distribution Manager

Phone 0410 403 608
Email justin@netwealth.com.au
Location QLD

Damian Soraghan
Senior Distribution Manager

Phone 0418 801 688
Email damian@netwealth.com.au
Location SA & VIC

Karen Bismann
Senior Distribution Manager

Phone 0431 503 861
Email karen@netwealth.com.au
Location VIC

Nandi Affleck
Distribution Manager

Phone 0411 753 655
Email nandi@netwealth.com.au
Location TAS & VIC

Andrew Dwyer
Senior Distribution Manager

Phone 0466 945 274
Email andrewd@netwealth.com.au
Location SA

Meet the Training and Relationship Managers

Racheal Collogan 
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0434 263 372 
Email racheal@netwealth.com.au
Location NSW

Camilla Banasiak
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0411 964 894 
Email camilla@netwealth.com.au
Location NSW

Lucy Gaff
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0413 415 503
Email lucy@netwealth.com.au
Location QLD

Ryan Gerhardt
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0421 690 242
Email ryan@netwealth.com.au
Location QLD

Carrie Burns
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0432 346 025
Email carrie@netwealth.com.au
Location WA

Beverley Cederberg
Senior Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0421 951 026
Email beverley@netwealth.com.au
Location SA & VIC

Amanda Hon
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0431 134 120
Email amandah@netwealth.com.au
Location VIC

Kurtis Bierhuizen
Training & Relationship Manager

Phone 0402 334 124
Email kurtis@netwealth.com.au
Location VIC