Next-generation advice needs

A special report to help advice firms evolve their service offering for the next generation of clients.

Is your advice firm ready for the next generation of clients?

It is clear that in the coming years we're going to witness the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth in history, as the next generation inherit the wealth of the Baby Boomers.

With many of the services currently offered by financial advisers developed to meet the needs of clients over the age of 50, advice practices will need to fundamentally shift their focus and their business models to appeal to the needs of this next-gen client.

In this special report, we talk to successful Gen X and Y advice firms and examine:

  • Who the 'next-generation' advice clients are and their particular advice needs
  • Is Next-Gen advice goals based?
  • What advisers can do to market and tap into this market
  • What services are relevant to this market, including a discussion about cash flow and budgeting, coaching
  • How to price these services

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