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The 5 deadly sins of SMSFs

During our October 2016 webinar, Keat Chew and Nigel Smith from Netwealth Technical Services shared their thoughts on the 5 deadly sins of SMSFs and how they can be avoided. 

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SMSFs: Avoid small mistakes with major consequences

Taking control of investment decisions through a self-managed super fund is empowering, but also requires a great degree of personal responsibility from each trustee.

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If an SMSF is no longer for you, wind it up

Labor's franking credit overhaul will impact SMSFs in pension phase, if they win the 2019 Federal election. Find out the history of franking credits, why they are an important stream of income in retirement and what to do if you ...

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Can you take your SMSF overseas?

If you're moving overseas for longer than two years, you will need to decide what action to take with your SMSF. You can either appoint a power of attorney to act as trustee on your behalf or another option is to wind up your SMSF.

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The differences between super funds and SMSFs

Learn about the differences between super funds and SMSFs. Each fund differs in the way they manage compliance, regulations, and protection from loss or fraud. They also differ in their offerings, including investment choice, online ...

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Selecting the right type of account for your stage of life

There are many types of accounts to help you save for retirement. Selecting the right one can depend on your stage of life. You can choose to invest in a SMSF, accumulation account, transition to retirement pension or a standard ...

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Winding up your SMSF the right way

Various changes over the past several years have impacted SMSFs. So, to help you understand if an SMSF is no longer for you, we've created a guide to winding up your SMSF.

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