Speculative Innovation Workshop

Generate ideas to capitalise on changing consumer expectations.

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Building for tomorrow with speculative innovation

Uber didn't kill taxis, poor customer experience and high charges did. Netflix did not kill Blockbuster, convenience did. iTunes didn't kill CD's, being forced to buy full-length albums did.

These are just some examples of how changing consumer expectations can transform an industry and cost companies that fail to keep up.

The best businesses recognise that consumer expectations are constantly evolving and that innovation is required to ensure that these needs are continuously met.

This workshop is designed to help your team think differently about your customers and inspire new products, services and ways of doing business.


What's in the toolkit

This workshop includes:

Workshop leader guide: A helpful guide on how to run a smooth workshop, tips to inspire your team and what materials you will need.

Workshop presentation: The primary reference point for the workshop, it outlines and explains all exercises and activities. 

Innovation templates: For the participants to use throughout the workshop – print these prior.

Speculative and future-shock cards: Two packs of cards to use as inspiration for the workshop.

Pre-reading material: To help the team get into the right frame of mind before the workshop. 

How it works

This workshop is broken into two exercises. All you need is a person to lead the workshop, curious team members, a venue (ideally out of the office), our printed materials, markers and you're ready to go.

Exercise 1: Brainstorming  ideas

Using either the Speculative Innovation or Future Shock Cards, you and your team will brainstorm loads of ideas to address the challenge posed by the Card.

Exercise 2: Refine and prioritise the innovations

Now it's time to refine the best ideas to determine whether or not it should be a focus for the business. There are two options to achieve this:

Option A: Refinement with the Innovation Template

Using our Innovation Template, expand on the best ideas by investigating such things as: business benefits of the innovation, what would need to change and how easy it is to implement.

Option B: Movie poster madness

A fun way to get your team to refine the idea and bring it to life is to turn it in to a movie poster. You will need to consider the idea in light of it's main characters and plot.

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