Celebrity Heads brand workshop

A workshop to help build your brand with famous people and companies



Understanding others to reinvent your brand

This workshop requires you to reflect on the characteristics of famous people and brands and ask which of these characteristics should your business look to emulate. The aim is to identify values, attitudes and behavioural aspects that can be used to define the personality of your brand.


How it works

Time: 90-120 minutes

Card: Celebrity Heads Innovation Cards

This workshop is broken into two exercises. All you need is a person to lead the workshop, curious team members, a venue (ideally out of the office), our printed materials, markers, post-it notes, writing pads and you're ready to go.


Part A: Investigation - Identifying your brand characteristics

In these exercises you will define your brand characteristics, using famous people and companies as inspiration.  You will identify values that you like and you think your business should emulate, and values that you think are not for you.  You will also spend time articulating what these values mean to you.


Part B: Innovation - Bringing your brand to life

In this exercise you will look to bring your brand to life, by identifying those client touchpoints where it is important that your brand is front and centre, highlighting your new brand characteristics.  You will examine: "What external client touchpoints (such as the website, the entrance to the office or a email signature) should our brand characteristics influence directly."

Getting started

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