Create a frictionless document approval process with electronic signatures

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Create a streamlined document approval process with electronic signatures and our secure online document upload facility. 

To submit a signed document to Netwealth, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Check what signature method is accepted for the document you are looking to sign

Netwealth accepts wet (pen) signatures for all documents. For most other documents, we also accept hand-drawn electronic signatures and DocuSign generated e-signatures.

Access a full list of what signature methods are accepted by document type

Step 2: Review the signature acceptance criteria

To ensure the signature is accepted please consider the following:

  • To use the Docusign Electronic Signature process, the Docusign summary certificate must be uploaded with the electronically signed document through our Document Upload Tool
  • The signing member(s) (client or adviser) email that is listed on the summary certificate must match the registered email we hold on file

  • The drawn signature should be drawn via stylus or finger and must be clear and identifiable.
  • If a signature does not match our records, we may request further identification.
  • The signed document must be uploaded through our Document Upload Tool and does not require a summary certificate.
  • We strongly urge you to check with your licensee as they may have different AML/CTF forms and documents completion guidelines.

  1. Print and sign a copy of the document
  2. Scan or take a photo of the signed document
  3. Send it to Netwealth via the Document Upload tool, or directly to Netwealth at with appropriate instructions.

Step 3: Upload the document via our secure document upload tool


All electronically signed signatures must be upload via our Document Upload tool.

To use the secure online document upload facility:

  1. Log in to your Netwealth online account and navigate using the main menu to Activities & Tasks > Document Upload.
  2. Click Choose file to upload your document.
  3. Select the client that your document is for or leave this blank if you are uploading a form for a new client.
  4. Add notes in the Notes section if required.
  5. Click Submit.

All signed documents can be uploaded using this facility apart from the following:

  • Power of Attorney documents
  • Documents relating to an in-specie transfer which needs to be provided to a third party (e.g. Australian Standard Transfer Form, certified identification etc.)
  • Original documents requested by Netwealth (these are to be submitted by post)

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