Manage off-platform assets with XWrap

XWrap gives you the ability to upload, manage and report on your clients’ external non-platform assets using Netwealth's powerful reporting suite.

Your clients' wealth like you've never seen it

Almost 3 in 5 advice firms manage 25% of their clients' investment and super portfolios externally to their platform ('off-platform'), with a further 20% managing over half of their client's portfolio 'off-platform'*.

XWrap is Netwealth's solution to change this.

With XWrap we've simplified the process for recording 'off-platform' asset data for a client, including unit price history, income, fees and other transactions. We've also enhanced our reporting suite so XWrap data can be viewed with Netwealth accounts or standalone.

If XWrap could benefit you and your clients, please contact our distribution team to learn more.

See your client's whole wealth picture

XWrap enables you to report on external 'off-platform' assets using Netwealth's suite of client and adviser reports.

A complete view of client wealth

Upload and manage external off-platform assets, such as as commercial buildings, offshore investments, and private equity and debt, alongside assets held in Netwealth accounts.

A suite of comprehensive reporting

Track your client's true investment performance and position across XWrap and Netwealth Accounts.  Access asset allocation, comprehensive performance, tax management, portfolio valuation and transactional reports.

Capture detailed asset transactions

Provide accurate reporting by capturing income, interest, sales and purchases, call payments and return of capital for XWrap assets.

No more spreadsheets or workaround technology

Save time with a single solution instead of using workaround technology to manage external 'off-platform' assets.

Simple set-up

Online signup allows you to register for XWrap, without the need for lengthy forms or signatures from you or your clients.

Bulk upload assets, pricing and transaction data

Add and manage multiple assets and their related transactional information with ease using XWrap's bulk upload facility.

Compliance and monitoring made easy

You can monitor and run compliance checks on XWrap transactions using the search functionality.

How it works


Create an XWrap account for your client

XWrap accounts can be created in two simple steps.


Add assets and their transactions to the XWrap account individually or in bulk

Upload assets and include relevant transactions and unit prices to ensure accurate reporting.

View and report on your client's complete wealth

Track the performance of XWrap assets with Netwealth holdings or standalone.

Is XWrap for you?

We recommend XWrap if you:

  • Have clients with assets that are unable to be held in a custodial platform arrangement
  • Have clients who are unable to switch to a custodial arrangement, such as charities or investors that own private or listed company shares that must be directly registered.

If XWrap sounds like it could benefit your business please contact our distribution team to learn more about pricing and how to get started.

Want to see XWrap in action?

Take a tour of XWrap with a member of our friendly distribution team to see the benefits for your business.

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*2018 Netwealth AdviceTech Research Report