The new retirementality: exit or change lanes?

with Jacquelyn Mann, National Manager of Invesco Global Consulting, Australia 

CPD Event: The new retirementality - exit or change lanes?

Learn new ways to reach boomers who think differently about retirement

As the baby boomer generation approaches the age of 65, they are likely to turn the notion of traditional retirement on its head and financial advisers must prepare for these conversations.

In this practical session, Jacquelyn Mann, will share a fresh perspective from which financial advisers can talk with their clients about retirement, as well as provide tools designed to help those clients find and fund their retirement lifestyles. Based on her experience working with advisers, you will discover:


  • How to change the conversation you’re having with clients about retirement
  • Ways to help clients think through three big questions of retirement
  • Practical tools to help clients stop being overwhelmed and start feeling empowered about life after 65
  • Wisdom from retired people who have gone before us
  • How to understand the critical role and optimal balance of location, vocation and vacation in the retirement planning process
  • Deeper insights on how to insulate and grow your practice as baby boomers move into retirement
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Meet the speaker

Jacquelyn Mann is the National Manager of Invesco Global Consulting in Australia, a US-based group dedicated to helping financial advisers get new clients, keep the clients they have and grow their businesses. She is responsible for leading the strategy and delivery of numerous research based programs to the Australian Market and is a keynote speaker at various industry conferences and professional development days.

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