e-signature now available for new Super account applications

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Date: 03 October 2016




We are pleased to announce that e-signatures are now available for new Super Applications providing you with a seamless, efficient and fast way to lodge and open new accounts with Netwealth.

Once an online application has been completed, clients with one signatory can provide a digital signature in your office, on your computer or tablet, or you can email your clients a link for them to sign online or on their phone.

How it works?

Complete the application form for a new Super account online as usual in the Netwealth platform. On the application details page, you will now see a new 'Client Signature' section, giving you 3 signature options:

  • Print and sign (traditional)
  • Sign on screen (e-signature option 1)
    This is where your client signs on the screen using the mouse (if using a PC) or a finger/pen (tablet), and the signed forms are submitted directly to netwealth.
  • Email to client to sign (e-signature option 2)
    Perfect for when your client is not in front of you, selecting this option will email a secure link to the client, who then signs on the screen with the mouse or finger/pen (if using a tablet) at their convenience. The signed forms are then automatically submitted directly to netwealth for processing without you having to be involved.

Plus as part of the account opening process we have also launched a new facility which will allow you to track and initiate rollovers directly from your adviser dashboard in the task section.

If you require further assistance with the new e-signature feature, please feel free to contact your Netwealth Training & Relationship Manager.