Find out about rate of return, asset allocation and unit summary charts

Date: 13 December 2016

Dashboard tab

When you log into the platform, you will now see  'Dashboard' on the top navigation bar. Here you can view details at an account level to help you get timely information.

The key features of the dashboard include:

  1. The ability to set a financial goal against account balances.
  2. My Tasks, where you can look at individual tasks for each account. Tasks may include corporate action notifications and personal insurance applications.

Charts tab

Here you can view high-level summaries of information at an account level on simple and easy to understand charts.

1. Rate of return chart

View your rate of return from account inception on $1,000 invested for each 12 month period.

2. Asset allocation chart

View your asset allocation and how it’s evolved each month for the past one year. You can view the actual and underlying by simply selecting your preference.

3.  Inflow and outflow chart

View asset inflows and outflows over a 12 month period in addition to the monthly account balance movement.

Holdings tab (unit price summary)

By clicking on an asset in the Holding area you can see the full unit price history over a five year period and the rate of return on the asset. There is also the ability to view a chart that plots when each holding was purchased, the number of units purchased, and at what the unit price.