Five insurance strategies your clients really want to hear

Date: 03 October 2016

As part of Netwealth's monthly educational webinar series, Zurich's Andy Marshall visited the Netwealth head office in February '16 to share his insights on how advisers can design better insurance strategies within their businesses.

Opening the session with a statistic that "only one out of every two wealth management clients between ages 30-49 are satisfied with their primary wealth services provider", Andy acknowledged a 'client happiness' gap in the current advice market and shared his suggestions for how advisers could use insurance strategies to take advantage of the opportunity to bridge that gap. He delivered an overview of five ways that advisers could use insurance to provide better, more engaging advice propositions that would appeal to and satisfy their clients.

A key focus of the session was how to develop strategies that are tax effective, and that as well as assisting in traditional retirement planning, also aim to support younger clients from the Gen X and Y age brackets who require financial stability and longevity to support them through to retirement.

During the webinar, Andy discussed the following points:

  • How life, death and taxes can be used as engaging advice strategies; 
  • Get better tax outcomes from insurance strategies; 
  • How to have better conversations about estate planning; 
  • The tax implications of disability insurance; 
  • Opportunities for insurance strategies in SMSFs and super; and more.

If you missed the session, you can catch up by watching a recording of the webinar below.



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