Netwealth Managed Account now available

Date: 19 October 2016

The Netwealth Managed Account provides you and your clients access to a range of investment "models" which are managed by professional managers and can be combined with other assets your clients hold in their super or wrap account.

Benefits of a managed account to you and your clients include:

  • Automated investment management and monitoring - Assets held in a selected model or models are reviewed and rebalanced automatically to ensure alignment with the manager's target portfolio without the need for ROA's or SOA's.
  • Transparent investment experience - unlike traditional managed funds, clients hold the underlying assets in their account and can transfer assets in and out of the selected model at any time.
  • Tax efficient - because all assets are held in the client's account, tax will relate directly to their investment decisions and activity - not that of the broader fund.
  • Customisable but scalable - Clients can customise their investment preferences. They can lock, exclude and substitute assets as well as set minimum trade and holding sizes.
  • Professional ongoing management - Access to a range of leading Australian managers across a variety of strategies and asset classes.