Terms and conditions

Important information about the use of the Netwealth website.

AUSIEX terms and conditions

Netwealth has selected stockbroker Australian Investment Exchange Ltd ABN 71 076 515 930 AFSL 241400 ("the Participant") to execute trades made through share trading. When you become a Member of share trading, you are subject to the Terms and Conditions of trading imposed by the Participant.

To become a member of share trading, you will need to complete the application form contained on the Participant's website.

The share trading section of the Netwealth website contains a hypertext link to the Participant's website that will allow you to access stockbroking services provided by the Participant.

The Participant is a participant of the ASX Group. Share trading is a broking service provided by the Participant. When you become a Member of share trading, you appoint the Participant as your broker. Trading transactions are subject to the Participant's Terms and Conditions and Netwealth recommends that you carefully read these documents before completing the application form to register as a Member of share trading. These documents comprise:

  1. The Internet Trading Rules;
  2. General Conditions of Trade; and
  3. The CHESS Sponsorship Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to trade warrants, you will also need to read and understand the ASX "Understanding Warrants" booklet or its online equivalent. You will then need to print off and sign the form entitled "ASX Warrant Client Agreement Form".

All Account Information, including account balances, contract notes and open orders, provided to Members of share trading are provided by the Participant. All relevant payments, fees and charges for using share trading are payable by Members to the Participant. Netwealth is entitled to receive fees from the Participant for providing access to the Participant's website.

You authorise the Participant to supply Netwealth with information contained in your membership application form (including details of orders placed and trades entered into by you, other transactions conducted by you through or in connection with the Participant's share trading facility, and other information concerning you that they may receive from your use of this website or the Participant's website, but excluding your PIN and security details) to Netwealth for use by it (including for use by Netwealth in marketing further services to you).


Termination of Access

In the event that:

  1. The facilities are used, or appear to Netwealth or the Participant to be used, by you in a manner deemed reasonably inappropriate by Netwealth or the Participant, and
  2. Given the nature and consequences of this inappropriate use, Netwealth or the Participant forms the reasonable opinion that it is necessary to suspend or withdraw your rights,

Netwealth or the Participant may suspend or withdraw, or cause the suspension or withdrawal of, your rights to the ability to access these facilities, subject to completion of any outstanding obligations.