With Netwealth's super and investment accounts, your clients can invest with Challenger fixed term annuities


Challenger term annuities on the Netwealth platform

Netwealth has partnered with Challenger to give you and your clients access to a range of fixed term annuities that are directly available as part of Netwealth’s investment menu.

Challenger’s fixed term annuity offers terms from 1 to 5 years at competitive rates with:

  • no need to obtain a quote or complete an application form
  • integration to Netwealth’s client reporting
  • ability to invest both superannuation savings and non-superannuation savings and non-superannuation money without leaving the platform
  • availability from investment, superannuation and pension accounts.

Additional Annuities

Additional Challenger annuity options

The following additional annuities options are available for clients with or without them having a Netwealth super or investment account.

Challenger Guaranteed Annuity

Creates a regular cash flow for a client’s desired investment term, regardless of how investment markets perform. It can give clients peace of mind during their retirement.

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Provides a regular income for your clients’ lifetime regardless of how long they live.

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A specialist investment designed to help people moving into residential aged care. It provides guaranteed monthly income for life, with a lump sum payable to nominated beneficiaries or the estate upon death.

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