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Financial literacy in schools

For four years we've been supporting Australian kids on their financial journey, partnering with Banqer to bring their online financial literacy program to more than 250 classrooms across 150 Australian primary schools.

Netwealth in partnership with Banqer, is bringing a financial literacy program to 15,000 Australian kids nationally.

Banqer is a virtual classroom economy created where kids can learn to earn, save, spend and invest their money in a safe and engaging way.

Banqer has a number of learning modules, including bank accounts, income, interest on savings, superannuation, taxation, real estate and insurance.


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Subscription is free for 15,000 Australian kids through Netwealth’s partnership with Banqer.

Financial literacy at home

Together, we're also supporting kids to learn the money lessons that matter virtually, with a free two-week program of fun activities. Largely self-directed, Banqer's program of fun and engaging activities is aimed at primary school children between the ages of 9 and 12. 

With 10 downloadable activities, kids will learn everything from budgeting to the importance of insurance, debt and financial risk, savings and managing uncertainty.


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More on financial literacy 

Learn more about financial literacy in Australia, the challenges kids face when learning about money and digital resources you can use to support kids on their financial journey.

At-home and at-school solutions to help kids on their financial journey

Explore a number of exercises and tools that can be used at home and in the classroom to ensure that kids are financially literate, capable, and prepared for their financial future

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Bringing kids into the financial fold

Kids are more capable of comprehending financial concepts than they're given credit for. Here are tips on how you can build the financial skills of not only your clients, but the entire family by creating your own financial literacy content.

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Financial literacy in the classroom Banqer style

Hear from Australian teachers who are transforming their classrooms by using Banqer to help kids learn important lessons about money management.

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How to extend financial education to the entire family

Learn about the new educational tools and technologies available that help extend your advice offer beyond the individual client and to the whole family, with Kendall Flutey from Banqer.

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What role do parents play in their kids financial education?

Read some of the activities parents can undertake to help teach their children important life skills associated with managing money.

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Why we need to start early to teach children about finances

Financial habits are developed by 7 years of age. Learn how the financial literacy levels of our Aussie kids stack up to other countries, and discover tips to guide children on their financial journey.

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What are Australian primary schools saying about Banqer? 

Learn more about how Australian primary schools are adding Banqer into their core curriculum with case studies from classrooms.

Melbourne's Port Fairy Consolidated School

"Most of my students enjoy the aspect of spending money, but they also love to save! They are very engaged and often talk to each other about the financial decisions they’re making. Top savers and those with high net wealth are often asked to explain how they raised their money."

Learn about Bob Beekhof's classroom

Perth's Trinity College

“Good money habits should begin at an early age so that students can understand the importance of budgeting and planning. Banqer has gifted the children in my class this opportunity; when they start earning their first income, they will be able to make a knowledgeable choice about how to best use their money.”

Learn about Maddison Gorman's classroom

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Netwealth is delighted to be funding 15,000 students to use Banqer. Help make your child one of the lucky ones.

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Do you really know what Australian kids think about money? 

Here are just a few of their thoughts - we hope you enjoy the video!