Invest your super with Franklin Templeton

Invest your super, your way, with Super Accelerator Plus, and discover thousands of investment options, including a range of managed funds and a managed account option from Franklin Templeton. 

Franklin Templeton

19 super investment options from Franklin Templeton

With Super Accelerator Plus, you can access 19 investment options, covering different asset classes and investment vehicles, offered by Franklin Templeton and their specialist investment managers Martin Currie, Western Asset and Brandywine Global.*

Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton is a global asset manager with more than seven decades of experience, with a range of equity, multi-asset and fixed income managed funds, plus a managed account option available.

Martin Currie

Martin Currie is an active equity specialist manager crafting high-conviction portfolios, with multisector, Australian and international equity options available through Super Accelerator Plus.

Western Asset

Western Asset is a fixed income manager headquartered in Pasadena, USA and founded in 1971. Western Asset has several investments available through Super Accelerator Plus covering major fixed income markets.

Brandywine Global

Founded in 1986, Brandywine Global founded are an active specialist manager in fixed income, equity and alternative investments with a number of investments available through Super Accelerator Plus.


*Investment options current as at December 2021, select 'View current and investments and performance' for the latest investment options.

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Complete the online application with your relevant details and select an accumulation or pension account. It will take about 10 minutes.

Consolidate your super

You can transfer some or all monies from any existing super account. You may choose to do this during the application process or online once your account has been set up.

Update your employer

If you would like, you can ask your employer to pay your employee super contributions into your Netwealth account.

Start Investing

Once you have cash in your Netwealth account you can make your first investments in your super portfolio.


* The information provided here is general information on how to open a Netwealth account, it does not consider whether the product or service meets your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. It assumes you have read the Product Disclosure Statement and it is recommended that you consider consulting a financial adviser before making any investment decision.

Super Accelerator Plus

Your super, your way

Super Accelerator Plus is a next gen super fund with thousands of investment options backed by sophisticated technology. Take control of your super without the need for a SMSF and get all of the consumer protections offered by government regulated superannuation fund.

Professional investment options

Access over 500 managed funds plus over 60 managed models. With Super Accelerator Plus, the minimum initial investment for managed funds is only $100, which includes many wholesale priced managed funds that usually require a significant initial investment when purchasing directly through the fund manager.

Local and international shares

Trade all ASX listed companies (ordinary shares), listed managed funds like ETFs, income securities and certain IPOs and warrants. Plus access a selection of companies and ETFs listed on ten overseas exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Portfolio management tools

Manage your super using market leading portfolio and transaction tools, and monitor your portfolio on the go with our new app. Our online trading tools make it easy to build and manage an investment portfolio with a comprehensive range of reports and charts to track your performance and every transaction that impacts your account.

Collaborate with your advisers

Give your financial adviser and other service providers, like accountants, access to your super and investment accounts so they can co-create your portfolio, view details and run reports.


More information

Want more information on Super Accelerator Plus? Our resources section has a wide selection of information that will assist you in understanding our products and services. You should read the disclosure documents before deciding to invest.

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