The future of WealthTech - a global perspective


A global view of technologies set to impact advice firms in the next 3-5 years


Presentation: Technology that will shape wealth management

As technology rapidly evolves, it transforms the adviser-client relationship and provides an opportunity to enhance the efficiency of advice firms and their staff. Embracing emerging technologies is essential for staying ahead in this changing environment.

Watch this inspiring presentation by our guest speaker, Greg Smith, Managing Director of FT Partners recently recognised as "Dealmaker of the year" and "Investment banking firm of the year" by The M&A Advisor.

During this presentation, you will gain insights into:

  • A global perspective on the technologies that will shape the wealth management industry over the next 3 to 5 years
  • Insights into emerging tech, like blockchain, personal finance management (PFM), insurance tech, and smart apps.
  • How tech is democratising investing in asset class access like alternatives and cryptocurrencies.
  • Examples of cutting-edge companies that are at the forefront, leading this change.


Webinar recording
Watch the The future of WealthTech presentation
Speaker details

Greg Smith, Managing Director, FT Partners

Greg Smith is a Managing Director at FT Partners and has nearly three decades of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining FT Partners, Greg spent the majority of his career as an award-winning equity research analyst at Merrill Lynch, J.P Morgan and other firms covering companies across the financial services and FinTech landscape. Throughout his career, Greg has played a senior role in numerous investment banking transactions spanning private company financings, M&A and IPOs. Greg has long been a thought leader in FinTech publishing hundreds of reports, regularly presenting at industry conferences, and he has frequently been quoted in the press and appeared often on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

AdviceTech trends to stay aware of

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This report is based on research from 250+ advice firms and provides valuable information on pivotal technologies and trends in Australia. It allows you to benchmark your tech usage and supplier adoption against high-performing 'AdviceTech Stars' while exploring 30+ available AdviceTech solutions, including their key features, benefits, and top suppliers.

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How Netwealth is using advanced technology in its platform

Boost your business efficiency with enhanced platform features

At Netwealth, we're continually expanding and enhancing our platform features to help advisers increase business efficiency and staff productivity. Below are some of our latest features to help:

Easily manage annual fee consent with tools

Advisers can submit fee consents and renewals online by uploading signed forms or following renewal steps,

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Use enhanced performance reports

Now client portfolios can be benchmarked against pre-set benchmarks or custom objectives.

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Reduce time responding to and managing important tasks

Easily view, approve, manage, filter and archive activities for you, your team and clients.

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Improve client analysis with bank and property data feeds

Your clients can now build a complete picture of their financial wealth with Netwealth's client portal.

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