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Humans and machines

How AI can supercharge advice firms
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Welcome to AdviceTech 2023, Humans and Machines

In this era of rapid technological advancements, machines are entwined in our lives, transforming the way we live, interact, and of course, how we run our businesses.

To help you make the most of emerging AdviceTech, this year's Netwealth AdviceTech report offers a snapshot of what AI is, then drawing on insights from our research, we dive into how your industry peers are planning to apply it.

We provide examples of how AI can be used across six key areas of financial advice, offering plenty of practical examples, and share seven steps you can take to integrate AI into your business.


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Key takeaways

As advanced technology infiltrates numerous industries, there are clear benefits for financial advice. Here are some key takeaways from the 2023 AdviceTech report.

50% of advisers believe AI will help them achieve their business goals

Financial advisers believe technology will lead to significant leaps in how they do business over the next five years. And what technology do they think will deliver on this promise? 50% of advice firms say AI – jumping from 25% the previous year – the largest increase of all AdviceTechs.

45% of advice firms are AI interested

At this stage, AI is still not widely adopted by financial advice businesses, yet there is considerable interest. Only 11% of advice firms have piloted or are implementing AI for limited use cases, yet one-third (34%) are exploring its potential. This suggests almost half of all advice firms are ‘AI interested’.

AI chatbots, like ChatGPT are being trialled by many firms

The advice firms dipping their toe in AI are experimenting with a variety of tools, with the most common category being AI chatbots (65%), like ChatGPT.  


AI is set to transform all facets of the advice process, especially marketing

As we look ahead to the next five years, we expect AI to have a real impact for advisers. Almost seven in 10 (67%) are using or exploring its use in marketing, whilst around six in 10 touch are exploring its potential for client related tasks, administration and the advice itself.


Rolling out AI is hard, you need a plan  

Change doesn't happen overnight and bringing the benefits of AI into your business will take some planning. If your business has started on its AI journey, or is planning to get on board, we consider that there are seven key steps that can help you make steady progress. Access the complete AI transformation plan in the 2023 AdviceTech report.


Watch: Unlocking the potential of humans and machines

Learn where AI is taking us and what advisers can do to prepare for the future to supercharge their advice firm.  In this presentation we examined how AI and other adjacent technologies, like big data, client portals and emerging technology, can transform the way we work and service clients. 

We explored real life examples, upcoming innovations, and practical insights to get you AI and future-tech ready. Supporting this exploration, will shared key findings, insights and resources from our latest 2023 AdviceTech report on Humans and Machines.


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How Netwealth is using advanced technology in its platform

Boost your business efficiency with enhanced platform features

At Netwealth, we're continually expanding and enhancing our platform features to help advisers increase business efficiency and staff productivity. Below are some of our latest features to help:

Easily manage annual fee consent with tools

Advisers can submit fee consents and renewals online by uploading signed forms or following renewal steps,

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Use enhanced performance reports

Now client portfolios can be benchmarked against pre-set benchmarks or custom objectives.

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Reduce time responding to and managing important tasks

Easily view, approve, manage, filter and archive activities for you, your team and clients.

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Improve client analysis with bank and property data feeds

Your clients can now build a complete picture of their financial wealth with Netwealth's client portal.

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