Netwealth's 2023 AdviceTech Presentation

Unlocking the potential of humans and machines with AI

Learn how AI and AdviceTech can supercharge advice firms


Presentation: Discover how advice firms are using AI

Learn where AI is taking us and what advisers can do to prepare for the future and supercharge their advice firm.  In this presentation we examined how AI and other adjacent technologies, like big data, client portals and emerging technology, can transform the way we work and service clients. 

Watch this presentation and learn:

  • how AI and other adjacent technologies, like big data can transform the way we work and service clients. 

  • real life examples, upcoming innovations, and practical insights to get you AI and future-tech ready.

  • key findings, insights and resources from our latest 2023 AdviceTech report on Humans and Machines.

For those simply curious about what AI is and what it can do, to those who are already experimenting with it, this presentation gives you the fundamentals for your AI journey.


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Speaker details

Andrew Braun, General Manager Marketing, Netwealth

Andrew Braun is a digital pioneer having worked in a number of successful start-ups as well as digital business units of some of Australia’s largest corporates. His roles over the past 15+ years in product development, digital strategy and more traditional sales and marketing functions have provided Andrew with a well-rounded background that combines business experiences with deep technology knowledge to create new and meaningful outcomes. Andrew joined Netwealth in 2013, leading the marketing team and works closely with the IT teams to support best-practice UI and UX for Netwealth’s software.

AdviceTech Resources

More AdviceTech resources

Take a closer look at more AdviceTech related resources in our collection of workshops, articles and podcasts.


Adopting AI into your practice today

Advanced technology platforms, AI and big data are converging and are ready to transform the advice industry. Understand the different ways advice firms can use AI in their practice today.

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Humans, machines and the rise of AI

Machines and humans have worked together for centuries and the new breed of supercomputers and AI are set to supercharge advice firms – staff productivity, business ingenuity, innovation and the client experience.

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A short explainer of AI

While it seems to be everywhere, AI has been a long time coming. Learn why Bill Gates thinks that what is happening in AI just in the last 12 months is every bit as important as the PC, the PC with GUI, or the internet.

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Harnessing the power of AI in the advice industry

Dr. Micheal Kollo, CEO of Evolved Reasoning, shares the capability of AI to translate complex financial data into intuitive client reports and how financial advisers can harness the potential of tools, like ChatGPT, without compromising sensitive data.



Evolving the client value proposition with technology

Matt Heine, Netwealth's CEO and Managing Director, jumps into the hot seat to be interviewed by Peita Diamantidis on the Ensombl AdviceTech podcast. They discuss how advisers are using technology to differentiate their offering and build their client value proposition.



AdviceTech Roadmap workshop

Develop your AdviceTech roadmap with this free AdviceTech Roadmap workshop. A 90-minute team activity designed to help you prioritise technology solutions and develop a technology adoption strategy for your business.


How Netwealth is using advanced technology in its platform

Boost your business efficiency with enhanced platform features

At Netwealth, we're continually expanding and enhancing our platform features to help advisers increase business efficiency and staff productivity. Below are some of our latest features to help:

Easily manage annual fee consent with tools

Advisers can submit fee consents and renewals online by uploading signed forms or following renewal steps,

Find out more

Use enhanced performance reports

Now client portfolios can be benchmarked against pre-set benchmarks or custom objectives.

Find out how

Reduce time responding to and managing important tasks

Easily view, approve, manage, filter and archive activities for you, your team and clients.

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Improve client analysis with bank and property data feeds

Your clients can now build a complete picture of their financial wealth with Netwealth's client portal.

Find out how