Providing advice to retirees

Discover insights on how to engage new and existing retiree clients, plus explore retirement income strategies and other advice considerations.

In this guide developed with Challenger, you’ll get to know more about what’s important to clients in retirement.

Whether you’re an adviser who already has retiree clients, or looking to build your retiree client base, this report is designed for you. Download the report to uncover the following insights:

The growing opportunity in retirement advice

  • Retirees need support now more than ever
  • The challenges of a longer retirement
  • It’s about more than just money
  • Understanding more about the ‘why’ of retiree behaviour

Retirement really is different: understanding the needs of retirees

  • What key retirement outcomes are older Australians looking for?
  • The changing spending patterns of retirees
  • Retirees and their evolving goals: a shift from wealth accumulation

Managing money in retirement: key challenges for retirees

  • Understanding retirement risk factors
  • The longevity disconnect: people are living longer than they expect
  • Market volatility can be harder for retirees to tolerate
  • Inflation can have a greater impact for retirees
  • The changing nature of decision making for retirees

Reaching out to retirees: connecting with your audience

  • Not all retirees are the same: segmenting your audience
  • Know your value: developing your retiree value proposition
  • Make digital marketing more than an afterthought
  • Developing a marketing mindset
  • Advice strategies: building a comprehensive retirement income plan
  • Other advice considerations for retirees: estate planning and inter-generational advice

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