The Six Dimensions Customer Profiling Framework

What defines the Advisable Australian

Understanding The Advisable Australian

Are you ready to reach a thriving market? To find out what the Advisable Australian looks like and how they behave you must first understand the six dimensions that defines them.

Financial Capability

Financial Capability is a measure of financial awareness, knowledge, confidence, ability to take control and access financial-related services.

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Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience is a measure of financial preparedness and ability to navigate and withstand unexpected shocks and threats to financial security.

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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is a measure of the impact on physical, mental and social health in relation to wealth and finance.

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Advice Propensity

Advice Propensity is a measure of the likelihood to seek or use financial advice services and the perceived barriers to using financial advice services.

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Technology Adoption

Technology Adoption is a measure of the technology usage, savviness, confidence and the value found in digital services.

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Brand Affinity

Brand Affinity is a measure of perceptions, attitudes and loyalty when a person is evaluating a business.

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