Netwealth's 2021 AdviceTech Report

Discover how AdviceTech plays an important role in enhancing the client experience.

Welcome to the Netwealth 2021 AdviceTech Report - a research report designed for the Australian advice industry and technology companies that support it.

The 2021 Netwealth AdviceTech Report explores six major opportunities and crucial technology trends that advice firms should consider as they evolve their client value proposition and enhance their customer experience. 

Specifically, we explore:

  1. A digital experience is more than a Zoom meeting - This trend examines the benefits of digital reinvention of a customer experience, beyond simply digitising your existing client processes.
  2. Client data as the core of your AdviceTech stack - Discover how Advice firms use AdviceTech to collect and leverage data to create new services and deliver seamless client experiences.
  3. Portfolio construction at scale with managed accounts - Learn about scalable portfolio management technology that can deliver a more consistent and reliable investment experience for your clients. 
  4. Don’t let the finfluencers eat your lunch - This trend unpacks the effectiveness and significance of content marketing for advice firms. We explore the different content marketing techniques available and the ways in which content can be promoted.
  5. The Emerging Affluent - Learn about this younger, wealthier, well educated and 'digital-first' client segment, and how you can evolve your advice value proposition to appeal to this attractive future market. 
  6. How to become an AdviceTech Star, through rationalisation and optimisation - Discover how AdviceTech Stars use their technology 'stack' to optimise their customer experience and uncover how they use these tools in the right way to become leaders worth aspiring too.


The Netwealth's 2021 suppliers guide is also included.

This is designed to help you benchmark and plan your future AdviceTech strategy.  It covers more than 26 “AdviceTech” technologies and analyses key suppliers, important features, the benefits of using the technology, as well as the current and intended use amongst advice firms.

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