2024 Advisable Australian Presentation


What Australians want from their advice relationship


Presentation: Enhance your value proposition with the Advisable Australian research


In our modern world, advice firms, are continually evolving their value proposition and service offering to meet the needs and wants of their clients.

In this presentation, we explore the last 3 years of the extensive Advisable Australian research (2021-2023) to decipher the key factors contributing to client satisfaction.

Watch this presentation to:

  • Gain insights into the key factors that are most important to advised clients by exploring their preferences and priorities for advice.

  • Track the evolution of client portfolios, digital usage patterns, and expectations from financial advisers to understand trends over time.

  • Discover consumer insights that reveal advice client expectations for portfolio construction, responsible investing, communication, education, and technology.

  • Deep dive into how your advice firm can leverage these trends, with practical tips and strategies to equip your firm with the insights needed to effectively shape your value proposition.


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Speaker bio

Meet the speakers

Bianca Kruk and Sarah Wolfe, Marketing Managers at Netwealth, each have over 10 years experience in B2B marketing. They are passionate about delivering high-quality thought leadership content and increasing brand awareness through well-defined campaigns, driving Netwealth’s brand success in the wealth management industry.

In depth analysis: Understanding Australian advice clients better

This report explores the wealth characteristics and attitudes of Australians aged 18+, with a focus on their changing needs and opinions towards financial advice relationships. We have reviewed our extensive Advisable Australian research data from the past three years to gain insight into the expectations clients have of their financial advisers and how these have evolved over time.

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