Introducing the Advisable Australian

A new way to think about the Australian investor


Meet The Advisable Australian

The Advisable Australian is almost half of Australia's population who are the most likely to use or seek financial advice today.  They are aged over 30 years old and are defined not just by their wealth, but several important factors, such as their financial literacy and resilience.

34.3% of the population are Advisable Australians

$9.7 trillion total household wealth held by Advisable Australians

24.5% are open to receiving financial advice in the next 3 years

65.7% seek advice sooner if found an adviser they could trust

To help advisers better understand who the Advisable Australian are, Netwealth surveyed over 1,000 people and developed a comprehensive two-volume Report. 

The Advisable Australian: A new way to think about Australian investors

In this volume, we take a new approach to thinking about Australian investors beyond typically characteristics of just wealth and life-stage.  We examine The Advisable Australian through multiple dimensions that encompass their Financial Capability, Financial Resilience and Financial Wellbeing.  Plus, we consider their relationship with technology and brand attitudes.

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The Emerging Affluent: Fight for the future

In this volume, we consider The Emerging Affluent – a younger, well-educated, mostly professional Advisable Australian whom have tremendous potential as financial advice clients both now and in the future.  The Emerging Affluent, as the name suggests, are on the way to becoming affluent – a group of people with more potential to earn.  There are 1.5 million of them who control about $2.2 trillion of household wealth. 

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Watch now: Masterclass Video Series

Supporting our latest research, The Advisable Australian Report, we've created a Masterclass Video Series that will take your learning to a whole new level and give you the insights and confidence to unlock new business opportunities.

Designing a client experience that drives growth

Learn the fundamental truths about client experience from speaker, author, Founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement, Julie Littlechild.

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How segmenting your client base can make your business better

Join Simon Hoyle, Head of Market Insight at CoreData Research, to learn new ways to understand, profile and segment your client database.

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Constructing the Right Advice Fee Model for the Emerging Affluent

Join Rob Jones, Co-Founder of Peloton, as he pulls apart service profile of the Emerging Affluent to create a dynamic pricing model.

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The Emerging Affluent - Gen Y and advice

Andrew Braun, Netwealth's General Manager of Marketing, will provide a playbook on how to attract, manage and retain The Emerging Affluent.

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The Emerging Affluent

Spotlight: The Emerging Affluent

Like their name suggests, The Emerging Affluent is younger with higher-than-average incomes, household wealth that is growing, and a strong appetite for investing.  For wealth businesses to thrive in the future, The Emerging Affluent is a critical market to be aware and develop key client strategies for.  

The Emerging Affluent, like no other, are most likely to use financial advice today (39.9%) or most likely to take up advice soon (51.5%).  If they are not your focus today, they are the ideal future financial advice clien

Population: 1.2 million
Average age: 37 years (72.5% Generation Y)
Female: 48.8%, Male: 51.2%
Young faimly with kids: 47.6%

Total household wealth: $2.2 trillion
Superannuation >$250,000: 32.6%
Household income >$200,00: 39.7%
Have a mortgage: 52.1% 

Use a financial adviser today: 39.9%
Others likely or possble to seek advice: 51.5%
Worry about money at least weekly: 34.9%
Want to build/diversify investment portfolio: 49.0%

The Emerging Affluent: Fight for the future is a playbook for financial advisers on how to attract, manage and retain The Emerging Affluent. 


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Real people with real stories

The Six Dimensions

What defines the Advisable Australian

Are you ready to reach a thriving market? To find out what the Advisable Australian looks like and how they behave you must first understand the six dimensions that defines them:

Financial Capability

Financial Capability is a measure of financial awareness, knowledge, confidence, ability to take control and access financial-related services.

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Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience is a measure of financial preparedness and ability to navigate and withstand unexpected shocks and threats to financial security.

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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is a measure of the impact on physical, mental and social health in relation to wealth and finance.

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Advice Propensity

Advice Propensity is a measure of the likelihood to seek or use financial advice services and the perceived barriers to using financial advice services.

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Technology Adoption

Technology Adoption is a measure of the technology usage, savviness, confidence and the value found in digital services.

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Brand Affinity

Brand Affinity is a measure of perceptions, attitudes and loyalty when a person is evaluating a business.

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The Advisable Australian: A new way to think about Australian investors provide guidance to help financial advice businesses
use the dimensions to better understand individuals, segment their target audience and enhance their advice value proposition.


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What does wealth mean to the Advisable Australian?


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