The Advisable Australian

A new way to think about the Australian investor

Understanding the Advisable Australian


There are about 18 million Australians aged over 18 years old with a combined household wealth of around $9.3 trillion.  The Advisable Australian report looks to understand the wealth characteristics and attitudes of these people, looking at such factors as their financial literacy, wellbeing resilience and likelihood to use financial advice.

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​The Established Affluent report 2022

This report is a playbook for financial advisers on how to attract, advise and service the Established Affluent, a high-net-worth client base. It provides seven opportunities advice firms should not ignore.

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Event: Advising to high-net-worth clients

Watch Matt Heine as he chats to three experts with practical high-net-worth advice experience to help you tailor advice for the Established Affluent segment. 

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HNW masterclass series

Learn how to set up your advice practice for HNW clients, build a pipeline of new HNW clients, and super and SMSF technical strategies specific to this segment. 

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The Emerging Affluent report

Explore The Emerging Affluent –  a younger, well-educated, mostly professional Advisable Australian who have tremendous potential as financial advice clients both now and in the future.  

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The Advisable Australian

The universe of Advisable Australians aged 18+ comprises about 18 million individuals, with a combined household wealth of around $9.3 trillion. Not all Advisable Australians look the same, and nor do they behave in the same way or have the same financial advice needs and preferences. We divide the universe of Advisable Australians into four distinct groups.

Established Affluent

Over 45 years old, wealthy individuals, highly engaged in investing and most likely to already have an adviser. The approximately 2.8 million Established Affluent Advisable Australians have total household wealth of about $4.1 trillion.

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Emerging Affluent

Under 45 years old, wealthier individuals, highly engaged and interested in investing, and most likely to seek an adviser. There are approximately 1.9 million Emerging Affluent Advisable Australians accounting for about $1.8 trillion of household wealth.

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Established Mass Affluent

Over 45 years old, lower-income earners with fewer investments. The 8.0 million Established Mass Market Advisable Australians account for about $2.3 trillion of household wealth.


Emerging Mass Affluent

Under 45 years old with modest to low wealth, with low levels of investment. Approximately 5.3 million Emerging Mass Market Advisable Australians account for about $1.1 trillion of household wealth.

Segment profiling tool

Use this tool to help fine tune your marketing, service and advice propositions. Get a deeper understanding of each segment, looking at their demographic profile, as well as key personality traits, attitudes to technology and above all, their wealth, investment and advice preferences.

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The Six Dimensions

What defines the Advisable Australian

Are you ready to reach a thriving market? To find out what the Advisable Australian looks like and how they behave you must first understand the six dimensions that defines them:

Financial Capability

Financial Capability is a measure of financial awareness, knowledge, confidence, ability to take control and access financial-related services.

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Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience is a measure of financial preparedness and ability to navigate and withstand unexpected shocks and threats to financial security.

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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is a measure of the impact on physical, mental and social health in relation to wealth and finance.

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Advice Propensity

Advice Propensity is a measure of the likelihood to seek or use financial advice services and the perceived barriers to using financial advice services.

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Technology Adoption

Technology Adoption is a measure of the technology usage, savviness, confidence and the value found in digital services.

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Brand Affinity

Brand Affinity is a measure of perceptions, attitudes and loyalty when a person is evaluating a business.

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The Advisable Australian: A new way to think about Australian investors provide guidance to help financial advice businesses
use the dimensions to better understand individuals, segment their target audience and enhance their advice value proposition.


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