Introducing cost-effective diversified index Managed Models

3 minutes  
Date: 24 April 2018

We've broadened the Global Specialist Series (GSS) range of investment options to include low-cost diversified index managed account models, which may suit price sensitive or less sophisticated investors. Introducing the GSS diversified index based Managed Models.

Watch this video to learn about the managed accounts available and their features.

What are they?

There are four GSS diversified index Managed Account Models: Conservative, Balanced, Growth and High Growth that use a strategic asset allocation and invest in an underlying range of six index strategies. These index strategies include: Australian equities, international equities (hedged and unhedged), international fixed interest, Australian fixed interest, Australian listed property and cash.

Netwealth is the Model Manager, and we've partnered with BlackRock who provides us with the asset allocation strategy. The models invest using the Netwealth GSS index managed funds.

Asset Class Fund in GSS model Underlying fund Lonsec (underlying fund rating) Zenith (underlying fund rating)
Australian equities Netwealth Australian Equities Index Fund NET0001AU iShares Australian Equity Index Fund BGL0034AU Recommended Recommended
Australian property Netwealth Australian Property Index Fund NET0010AU iShares Australian Listed Property Index Fund BGL0108AU Highly Recommended Recommended
International equities (unhedged) Netwealth Unhedged International Equities Index Fund NET0009AU iShares International Equity Index Fund BGL0106AU Highly Recommended Recommended
International equities (hedged) Netwealth Hedged International Equities Index Fund NET2119AU iShares Hedged International Equity Index Fund BGL0044AU Highly Recommended Recommended
Australian fixed interest Netwealth Australian Bond Index Fund NET0023AU iShares Australian Bond Index Fund BGL0105AU Highly Recommended Recommended
International fixed interest Netwealth Global Bond Index Fund NET5702AU iShares Global Bond Index Fund BGL0008AU Highly Recommended Recommended
Cash Netcash NET0034AU      

To learn more about the underlying index funds, click here.

Who are they for?

These models can be used for both your Netwealth Accelerator Core and Netwealth Accelerator Plus clients, and are particularly suitable for price sensitive clients who are looking for a diversified, one-stop solution for their investments.

The models can also be used as the core passive exposure in clients’ portfolios and blended with active strategies.

Key benefits

  • Diversification - made up of a broad portfolio of highly diversified investments
  • Low cost - the cost of investing in index funds is generally lower than an active fund invested in the same market of assets
  • Simple and transparent - index funds typically follow benchmarks and performance can be easily explained
  • Professionally managed
  • Systematic rebalancing - Asset allocation is actively monitored and portfolios rebalanced to strategic asset allocation on a 6 monthly basis, ensuring client portfolios are kept up to date

More information

If you are interested in more details, such as the method of rebalancing and our strategic objectives, watch the video or read the Product Disclosure Statements. You should read the disclosure documents before deciding to invest.