Meet the innovators

With Collins SBA managing director Jonathan Elliot, YOLO Financial Services co-founder Andrew Black and Koda Capital chief of staff and partner Quentin Reeve

Date: 01 November 2017

Steve Jobs once said "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower". But what does it mean to innovate in the financial advice industry?

Hear from three practising advisers as they share their thoughts on what it means to be innovative and initiatives they have implemented in their practice to stay ahead of the curve.


Jonathan Elliot - Managing Director, Collins SBA

Netwealth 2017 AdviceTech Report

The report paints a picture of how technology is currently being used in the dynamic and evolving advice industry and provides insights into key areas of focus, must-have, high adoption services, and technologies that are regarded as disruptors, but are not yet being adopted.

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Andrew Black - Co-Founder, YOLO Financial Services

Quentin Reeve - Chief of Staff and Partner, Koda Capital

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