An enhanced trading experience is coming soon!

Date: 17 September 2019

At Netwealth, we recognise the importance of providing you a great user interface and experience.

We're very excited to announce our enhanced buy/sell functionality for portfolio investing. When this goes live in the next few weeks, it will replace the existing ‘switch’ function and allow users to transact managed funds, managed account models and term deposits.  Australian and international share trading will be added shortly after.

What you can expect:


  1. Buy and sell assets on a single screen. You will also be able to see the impact that sale proceeds have on the amount available for purchases.
  2. Purchase any investment that is currently on your APL (initial release is limited to managed funds, managed account models and term deposits).  You can also add your own pre-set model portfolios.
  3. Make trading decisions easier by viewing estimated buy and sell prices for assets and CGT impacts at a parcel level.
  4. Save the buy/sell transaction prior to submission.  This allows clients or other staff members to approve the trade.

For a demonstration on how this feature will save you and your business time, request a demo by clicking on the button. 

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