Consolidated reports for multiple accounts

Date: 04 September 2018

Consolidated reports are here

If you have multiple accounts, or have accounts linked together using our family-grouping functionality, they are now able to be consolidated together for reporting purposes, providing a more holistic financial picture.



Once you have logged in, to run a consolidated report, simply:

Step 1: Navigate to reports and statements

Step 2: Select two or more accounts from the list of accounts at the top of the page

Step 3: Choose the required report (the blue dot indicates reports that are currently able to be consolidated, we will progressively roll out the rest)

Step 4: Select the date range for the reporting period

Step 5: Select the consolidated report option

Step 6: Click submit and your consolidated report will download instantly

New Account Snapshot report

We updated the look and feel or our account snapshot report, and added a number of graphs to help account holders visualise returns over a selected period of time. It can be run for one account, or for multiple accounts to see the consolidated impact. 



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