Two factor authentication

Date: 04 September 2018

As an additional protection against unauthorised access we have enhanced account security by offering two factor authentication (2FA) when you log in to your Netwealth account.


To utilise this feature:

Part A: Enable 2FA on the account

Step 1: Download an 'Authenticator app' to your mobile phone, via your phone application store (i.e. iTunes or Google Play). Please note, this is not a QR Scanner or Reader.

Step 2: Navigate to Security settings > Two-factor authentication

Step 3: Elect to enable two-factor authentication and a QR code will be generated.

Step 4: Open your Authenticator app and scan the QR Code, your application will automatically add Netwealth as an account and generate a unique and temporary code:




Step 5: Enter this code into the verification code field and press submit.  And a notification will appear indicating 2FA has been setup  on your account.


Part B: Logging in using 2FA

The next time you log in to Netwealth simply:

Step 1: Enter your username and password.


Step 2: When the following message shows, open the Authenticator app on your phone and enter the temporary code that you see under Netwealth Investments Limited (within the code expiry time).



Step 3: You will be securely logged in to your Netwealth account.



To learn more or organise a demo, contact us.