Strategies to improve personal and business productivity

Presented by Rob Hartnett, author and host of The Art of the Possible podcast

Date: 09 November 2020

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About this presentation

Whether or not we assign a dollar value to it, time is valuable and finite. With many spending valuable time in the work week stressing about not having enough time to complete a task, reach a goal or spend time on personal matters, productivity and work-life balance can be difficult to achieve.

In this webinar Rob Hartnett, author of 4 leadership books including It’s All Possible – How to Lead an Epic Life and Small Business, Big Opportunity and the host of the leadership podcast: The Art of the Possible, shares:

  • How the right mindset, attitude, systems and skills can help you make the most of your time
  • The five things you can do now to improve your personal and business productivity
  • How improved productivity can help you take advantage of unexpected opportunities
  • Strategies to use in challenging times to keep yourself on track
  • The five daily questions to ask yourself that will drive your self-leadership



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