Business management

Insights and actions to help you enhance the day-to-day running of your practice and achieve your business objectives.

Practical steps to building an estate planning offering

Discover the practical benefits of an estate planning offering and learn practical steps to capitalise on this commercial opportunity, from Brandon Thompson, CEO of Yodal.

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The human dimension of family business succession planning

Learn the skills to play an effective part in family-business succession planning.

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7 steps to future-proofing your business

Learn the seven steps you should consider when developing a strategic plan for your business.

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How to transition family-owned business

Learn from David Smorgon OAM, CEO of Pointmade, as he guides you through the process of transitioning a family-owned business, sharing his experiences from Smorgon Consolidated Industries, one of Australia’s largest family businesses.

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Hiring the next generation of advisers

Make your next hire a good one by learning what to look for in the next generation of aspiring advisers from Alisdair Barr, founder of Striver, a recruitment service that links advice firms with quality ...

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Create a strategic roadmap for 2020 and beyond

Learn from Brad Fox, Managing Director at SmartBrave Consulting, as he guides you through the process of creating an effective strategic roadmap to not just future-proof your business, but a strategy to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

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Starting your own business - Paul Heath

After rising to CEO of JBWere, Paul Heath, Co-Founder of Koda Capital, made the decision to leave and start his own business. In this episode Paul shares his motivation for starting Koda Capital and the lessons ...

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Financial advice: Key factors in the transition to a profession

Dante de Gori, CEO of the FPA, shares three key elements that the financial advice industry needs to achieve in order for advisers to complete their career makeover.

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How the Royal Commission findings will impact your business

Dante De Gori, CEO of the FPA, shares an examination of the royal commission findings and how they could impact your practice.

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Where will you be in 2025?

If you've made the decision to join a new dealer group you'll need to carefully consider this range of criteria in terms of what’s important to you in a new, compatible ‘home’.

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Code of ethics - why it shouldn't be ignored

Dr Deen Sanders OAM, former FASEA CEO, explains the importance the code of ethics plays in the new educational and ethics standards that came into effect 1 January 2019.

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Your own AFSL - what you need to know

Benefits, challenges and tips for businesses looking to self-licence, along with how to to apply for your own AFSL.

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Applying for an AFSL? Here’s what you need to know

We outline key questions to ask yourself before delving into your AFSL application and also provide an overview of what to expect from the application process. 

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Why more advisers are turning to self-licensing

More advisers have set up AFSLs than the number of new advisers entering the market, showing a trend towards self-licencing. Here are the perks that come with self-licencing, contributing to this trend.


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How to choose the right dealer group

Identify the key criteria for assessing which dealer group you should join, and why price should be the least important factor.

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Cultural compatibility is key when choosing a new dealer group

Assess your business compatibility in terms of products, market positioning and the types of clients you serve and then ensure you delve deeper into questions of personal and cultural compatibility.

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How to decide if self-licensing is right for you

The decision to become self-licensed should not be made lightly - here are some benefits and challenges that come with obtaining your own AFSL.

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Surviving and thriving in a post FASEA environment

Dr Deen Sanders OAM walks you through the impacts of the new education standards and how you can adapt and build a financial advice business that succeeds in the new environment.

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Taking advice to all Australians

Bernie Ripoll, author of the Ripoll Report, outlines some of the challenges he sees facing the industry and urges financial planners to begin preparing for them now as the industry enters an era of massive disruption and change.

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Are you doing enough to protect your client’s data?

A poorly managed security issue compromises your credibility and breaks trust with clients who depend on you to manage their money. Find out which cyber incidents are impacting the industry, and how you can protect against them.

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Encouraging millennials into a financial planning career

​Understanding what drives Millennials (Gen Y) will help the financial planning profession attract great talent and remain viable​. Find out how to successfully attract, recruit and keep Millennial staff.

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Growing your firm's future from the ground up

Alisdair Barr, Founder of Grad Mentor, discusses why millennials may be pivotal to the long term success of your business. He provides principals, practical tools and techniques to help you engage and keep this group motivated.

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Design thinking - putting ideas into action

Find out about Design Thinking, a technique any organisation can use to test business ideas, prototype new concepts and understand their customers better. 

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Five tips to help you grow and scale your business

Scalability is a key challenge for all growing businesses because it requires time, strong leadership, the right people, and good resources. In this article we have five tips that businesses may find useful when looking to scale.

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Making our employees and clients healthier

Workplace health and wellbeing programs are making Australians and advice clients healthier. AIA Vitality Australia’s Vitality Coach Sasha Carey explains the benefits of these programs and  how they get started.

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Improve your business with Design Thinking

Tim Kotsiakos, Creative Director and Founder at MASS, explores Design Thinking, a technique that any organisation can use to test business ideas, protype new concepts and understand customers better. 

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Healthy is the new wealthy

Sasha Carey, Vitality Coach at AIA, explores the importance of investing in workplace health, and uncovers the productivity benefits it can have for your advice practice.

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Opportunities to grow your practice

See recent research findings from the Investment Trends 2018 Financial Advice Report. It explores the current demand in Australia for financial advice by and the top things clients are looking for when seeking financial advice.

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Characteristics of 50 leading advice practices

Mismatched clients, legacy fees and a ‘fingers crossed’ approach to business are all drains on productivity and efficiency. Find out if your business has any of these characteristics, and if so, the building blocks it needs to immunise ...

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Unlocking the value in your financial planning business - top tips

This article gives you the practical tips on how to communicate intangible value to your clients. It’s simple. Show them the value, state the value both intangible and tangible and price it.

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Unlocking the value in your financial planning business

Rob Jones from Peloton Partners shared his research and insights into how to successfully grow your financial planning business. See benchmark data to compare your business' EBIT and profit margins against and understand the ...

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With change comes your chance to explore new perspectives

This rapidly evolving financial advice industry gives you a chance to do things differently, and we’ve developed a suite of resources to help you navigate this changing landscape – our Change/Chance Series. This selection of guides and articles delve into topics that are front of mind for advisers, now.