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Constructing the Right Advice Fee Model to match the Emerging Affluent with Rob Jones

Rob Jones, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at Peloton, shares advice strategies for advice practices to extract latent value out of their financial advice and wealth business by creating a dynamic pricing model that matches ...

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Building a fee model in a post-Hayne world

Learn how you can balance the needs of your clients with your own profitability. Rob Jones, CEO of Peloton Partners, shares some pricing strategies to extract latent value from your business.

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Pricing in a post Royal Commission world

Rob Jones, managing director of Peloton Partners, shares emerging pricing trends in the industry based on data from 70 advised firms across Australia, and strategies for advice practices to extract latent value out of their business.

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If the price is right. What do other advisers charge for advice?

In this research learn about the latest pricing data, giving advisers a look over the fence at other providers and what works.

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Margin squeeze. What you need to know about pricing insurance advice.

Insurance pricing models are about to undergo significant change. Find out what are the possibilities, what aspects of the pricing model will change and what consumers will pay.

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What do other advisers charge?

Pricing your advice services is always a challenge, and with the LIF reducing insurance commissions from the 1st of January 2018, it's more important than ever to get it right. In our April 2017 webinar Sue Viskovic from Elixir ...

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