Executive guide to managed accounts

Understand the role managed accounts can play in your business and the important factors to consider prior to their implementation.

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The state of managed accounts. Past. Present. Future.

Learn about the current managed accounts landscape from Netwealth's head of managed accounts, Steve Thomas, and find out where he sees the future of managed accounts going - it's all about sophistication and customisation.

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Beginners guide to Managed Accounts

Managed accounts are quickly becoming a mainstream investment solution, utilising technology and matching consumer and advisers desire for more control and transparency. Find out what they offer.

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Five tips to help you grow and scale your business

Scalability is a key challenge for all growing businesses because it requires time, strong leadership, the right people, and good resources. In this article we have five tips that businesses may find useful when looking to scale.

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The future of managed accounts

The Australian managed accounts industry is still very much in its infancy, yet the growth rate has been staggering. Matt Heine, joint managing director at Netwealth looks into why managed accounts are becoming so popular.

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Exploring the different managed account options

Considering whether managed accounts are the right business solution for you? This article delves into each of the available options and highlights many of the question to ask yourself in order to choose the right path for you.

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Six questions to consider when implementing managed accounts

If you're thinking of using managed accounts in your business, there are a few important questions to consider to ensure you implement the solution that best meets you and your clients' needs.

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A researcher’s view of the adviser portfolio management challenge

David Wright, Managing Partner at Zenith Investments Partners explains what is required of an advice group that wants to become more involved in managing their clients' portfolios.

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Case study: Private Label Managed Account Stanford Brown

This looks into Stanford Brown's managed accounts journey - from why they considered managed accounts as a business solution, to how clients have responded to this new service offering.

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Case study: Going beyond product – portfolio solutions using managed accounts

Industry leaders explore the benefits managed accounts can bring to your business beyond soley product. They discuss how they can increase back-office efficiency, enable better scalability, and drive higher levels of client engagement.

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Understanding the fuss around managed accounts

The rising demand for managed accounts in Australia is difficult to ignore. Explore the drivers of this heightened demand and the many benefits managed accounts can provide to advisers and their client

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White paper: Scaling your business with managed accounts

Discover GPS Wealth's thought process and business journey when deciding on the best managed account solution for their company. They explored IMAs vs SMAs, private-labelled managed accounts and how to educate their clients.

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The different flavours of managed accounts

When setting out to establish a managed account solution for your business, you need to be aware that there are different business models that managed accounts can support. Find out the pros and cons of these offerings.

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Industry leaders explore the benefits of managed accounts

Discover why these industry leaders are advocates of managed account solutions.

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