Customer experience

Discover strategies to reduce friction across all of your customer journey touchpoints.

How clients are reacting to uncertainty and how best to deal with it

Drawing on CoreData's just completed research Andrew Inwood shares insights into how Australian investors are reacting to the coronavirus uncertainty and how advisers can best support clients in this environment.

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Removing customer friction from the financial advice process

Learn from the world’s customer experience experts about removing friction from your advice practice.

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Enhancing client relationships with AdviceTech

AdviceTech can help to empower businesses to create, foster and maintain relationships with existing clients and prospective new ones. Find out the technology you should consider for your business.

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Redefining the client relationship through language

The subtleties of language can greatly impact the delivery and receipt of messages in an advice relationship. Understanding these subtleties can change not only the course of dialogue, but the very fundamentals of the advice process.

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The customer journey is the destination

Re-evaluating your practice from the point of view of your customer is a way for you to find new ways to enhance your unique customer journey, to adapt and stay ahead of the game. Get into the heads of your customers by understanding how ...

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Why the customer journey is so important for business

If you are competing against the world’s customer experience experts, then how can you match them? A starting point is to understand the customer journey of your typical advice customer.

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Do all of your customer interactions count?

Make customer journey mapping part of a bigger, broader innovation strategy, and discover how knowing your customers can not only enrich their experience, but also grow your business.

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How client feedback can change your advice business for the better

When was the last time you booked a hotel or a restaurant without checking out the online reviews on TripAdvisor or Wotif? The internet provides the ultimate survey sample for real life feedback and reviews, and there’s no ...

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