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Building tomorrow's advice firm

Hear from three financial advisers who share how they're future-proofing their business by managing shifts in consumer expectations.

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Innovation in the UK

This special report identifies key insights and brings you content from some of the worlds most sought after speakers on fintech, innovation, practice management and leadership.

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What is innovation?

In these videos and article, leading advice practice owners discuss their views on what innovation means and strategies they have used in their business.

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How to turn your business into a hotbed of innovation

To innovate efficiently, it is important to firstly identify which of the four main innovation streams you wish to adopt to drive your wealth management business forward. Learn what these streams are.

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Open-source innovation: A book of ideas

This book contains over 40 innovative ideas addressing the financial needs of young adults. Use this book as stimulus to create your next breakthrough innovation.  

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Digital disruption, innovation and what Australian financial advisers can learn from the US

Learn about US digital trends that are set to impact the Australian financial planning industry, including AI and its impact on financial advice, client-centric innovation and how big data will change business decisions in the future.

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Interview with three advisers on innovation

Innovation means different things to different advisers and each firm is responding in its own way. Hear the innovations some are implementing.

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Removing customer friction from the financial advice process

Learn from the world’s customer experience experts about removing friction from your advice practice.

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Meet the innovators

Hear from three practising advisers as they share their thoughts on what it means to be innovative and initiatives they have implemented in their practice to stay ahead of the curve.

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Innovate and keep doing so

SuiteBox CEO, Ian Dunbar, shares his views on technology and how it provides advisers the tools they need to outsource processes so they have the time to focus purely on the client via advice, coaching and support.

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Netwealth Innovation Toolkit

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading innovation experts to create a collection of downloadable resources, workshops and tools to inspire creativity in your team.

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