Financial literacy education centre

Learn the importance of financial literacy and how you can help more Australians make better financial decisions.

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How to extend financial education to the entire family

Learn about the new educational tools and technologies available that help extend your advice offer beyond the individual client and to the whole family, with Kendall Flutey from Banqer.

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Financial capability cheatsheet

A simple guide to the resources available to improve financial literacy at home, in schools and your clients.

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Financial literacy in the classroom Banqer style

Find out how Banqer and Netwealth are transforming classrooms around Australia and helping kids learn more about money.

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Preparing kids for their financial future

How can we help our kids understand money at a time when it is more invisible than ever? The answer to this challenge of our time is financial literacy.

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The challenge of learning about money

Hear from three key stakeholders on the financial literacy journey to find out how Australia is going and what challenges lie ahead.

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Watch how Banqer brings financial education into classrooms

Watch how Banqer is helping teachers create a fun and interactive environment to improve financial literacy in the classroom.

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What role do parents play in their kids financial education?

Read some of the activities parents can undertake to help teach their children important life skills associated with managing money.

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